Reading List

Merton College Library
Oxford, United Kingdom, 2005

Many people have asked me what I would recommend as a reading list for younger (or older) Catholics wishing to get well-grounded not only in the Catholic Christian faith, but also to obtain a solidly Catholic worldview. So I decided to create this page. Fair warning here; I pull no punches. If you decide to follow this reading plan, I cannot be held responsible for what may happen to you. It is possible you may experience a radical change in thinking, which could change your life for the better, not only making you a better Catholic, but also a more well-rounded person. You may also experience an "awakening" of sorts, to the total farce that is our current global-political-economic system, and find yourself completely unrepresented in American politics anymore. You may find yourself dissatisfied for what commonly passes for Catholic worship these days, and could possibly find yourself seeking out more traditional means of Catholic worship. You may find yourself knowledgeable about the Catholic faith, enough to educate your children, spouse, family and friends. So proceed at your own risk. You have been fairly warned...

Foundations of Faith: These are Must Have for every Catholic Household...

Must Have for Families with Children: 

Catholic Living in the Modern World:

Catholic Politics and Economics

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