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The Pennies of the Poor Widow
Painted by Paulus Lesire in 1654

Dear readers,

It is been my pleasure to blog with you all, and I love doing it. However, I am a very busy husband and father, as well as a working-man holding down a full-time job. Oh, and did I mention I'm a homeschooler who does about 80% of the education for my children. So I'm a pretty busy guy.

To justify the amount of time and energy I spend writing, my wife and I agreed that it should be self-supporting. There are some small costs associated with blogging, especially in the way of research, but I'm also working on providing some ministry services via the web, in the way of podcasting and videos. This is to bring Catholicism to the Ozarks. Occasionally, some random musings will also add an element of human interest to it all, in the way of family stories, nature scenery, history about the Ozarks, etc. It's all about bringing Catholicism to the Ozarks and making the Ozarks a home for Catholics. Most of all, I want to do this ad-free. I want to provide these resources on the Internet without any distracting or unwholesome commercial ads, and that can only be done with your help.

While any donation (no matter how small) is greatly appreciated, to those willing to make a recurring donation of $2/month or more, I will provide a complimentary electronic download of my book "Catholicism for Protestants" along with a complimentary download of all future books and publications, before they are published to the general public.

I am sincerely yours in Jesus Christ our Lord,

Shane Schaetzel
A Catholic in the Ozarks

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