I Deleted My Facebook Account

Well, I finally did it. My personal Facebook account has been deleted. My 'Catholic in the Ozarks' Facebook page is in good hands, so you can still get updates from there, but I've moved my social networking over to other platforms.

My public social media platform is now Minds.Com, but I also still have a Twitter account (for now). Minds is sort of like a Facebook/Twitter hybrid, that functions a lot like Twitter (so everything is public) but has the flexibility of Facebook. This is a perfect social network for me to operate Catholic in the Ozarks, which is my public interface. It's cooperatively owned by the users, and it's open-sourced, allowing you to do promotions on the network without having to use real money. It's based on a token system which users are rewarded for their time and energy spent on the network. If you use the network more, you get more tokens, which means you can use those to advertise your posts more. They should have thought of this years ago! Visit Catholic in the Ozarks on Minds.Com.

My private social media is now MeWe.Com, and when I say private I mean PRIVATE. This is mainly for my immediate friends and family. I don't accept contact requests from people I don't know there. So if you don't personally know me, don't bother sending a contact request. It's nothing personal, it's just that if I'm going to be posting photos of my wife and kids there, I don't want strangers to see them. I'm sure you understand. I highly recommend MeWe.Com as the premier alternative to Facebook. If you want to get off the Facebook platform, and you want something similar, but with privacy, then MeWe.Com is the way to go. There are no advertisements and no sharing of your data. You get 8G of storage free, for photos and videos, and then if you want more you can purchase a premium membership for only $5/month. This is how they fund the network and keep it running without advertisements or selling your data.

What's great about both networks is there is NO CENSORSHIP. You're free to say whatever you want, and share whatever you want, without having to worry about Big-Brother Zuck swooping in with a denial of service or throttling your account. It's refreshing. I do have to say that real freedom of speech means you're going to have to do a lot of your own personal censorship, meaning you'll probably have to block contacts and channels you don't like. On Minds.Com I've noticed a lot of soft pornography and racism, but these things are easy to block. I have noticed some groups on MeWe.Com that are sexually oriented as well, but again, I just don't join them.

You see, real freedom of speech means everybody has it, even people you may not care for, and that means you have to be adult enough to weed out those things you don't like. You can't rely on Big-Brother Zuck to do it for you anymore. Of course, when Zuck weeds things out, he weeds out what HE doesn't like. Which means if you express a view that doesn't agree with him, or his content police, then you get censored, and you may not even know it for months. Such has been the case with numerous Catholic, Evangelical and politically conservative users on Facebook now. Ever since the results of the 2016 election, it's been getting bad. Many Catholic priests and their pages have been censored by Facebook. The same goes for many Evangelical pastors and their pages. Likewise, the same goes for many political conservative pundits. Trump supporters are getting censored all the time and Facebook doesn't even try to hide it anymore. The long and short of it is this. If you're on Facebook, you're only going to see what Big-Brother Zuck and his content police want you to see. Oh, and all your personal data will be sold to corporate and political shills who will use it to manipulate your buying and voting habits. So have fun with that.


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