How To Fight the New World Order

We hear a lot about the so-called "New World Order" but very few people know what it is. Most just assume it's some enigmatic group of powerful people, sitting around a boardroom table in a smoke-filled room, plotting the takeover of the planet with nefarious intentions. Most people think it hasn't happened yet, but it's coming, and it's something we need to be on the lookout for. Evangelical Protestants are convinced that it's all about to be sprung on us, like a trap, and this will happen after their mythical "Rapture" takes all the "true Christians" (i.e. Evangelicals) out of the world. But what if I told you that they're all wrong. What if I told you that the New World Order already exists, and you're living under it.

The one thing most people agree upon when it comes to the New World Order is that it's bad. They're right. But because they don't really know what the New World Order is, they also don't know why it's bad. For the libertarians and anarchists, they might think "it's bad" because somebody is trying to control them, and they don't like that. For the Evangelical Protestant, they might think "it's bad" because of the Antichrist, and the Bible says he's bad, so they don't like that. Really though, it's not so mysterious. The New World Order is bad for one reason and one reason only. It hurts people. It hurts them by hurting their families, hurting their religion, and in the end, it hurts their human dignity. It hurts some people more than others, but everybody suffers under the New World Order. That's really all there is to it.

So what is it? What is this New World Order that everyone is so obsessed with and worried about? After all, we cannot fight an enemy if we don't even know what it is.

Basically, there is nothing complicated about the New World Order. Nor is there anything secretive about it. It's hidden in plain sight, as they say, and people have been talking about it (openly) for a long time now. It is simply the social-economic-military-power structure that emerged after World War II. The New World Order was (and is) the system of government and economics that prevailed in the West following the end of the greatest conflict in human history (the Second World War). It was initially stymied by the Soviet Union which had a different view of how the world should be ordered, but that view was lost at the end of the Cold War when the Soviet Union collapsed. This gave way to the West moving forward unencumbered by Soviet intervention and meddling. The rise to supremacy of the New World Order was announced in the early 1990s by President George H. Bush...

President G.H. Bush announced very lofty ideals in his vision of the New World Order, but what he didn't explain in those speeches was how the Western nations, led by the United States, would go about doing it. I'm not here to villainise President G.H. Bush, his sons or his family. Like most people, I think the Bush family meant well and probably had the best of intentions in mind. In other words, I think they really meant what they said, and in their hearts, they probably believe it too. But as we all should know by now, the road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

The New World Order is this. It is a social-economic-political-military idea that is being played out in the policies of nations and promoted by the mainstream media (aided today by social network giants like Facebook and Twitter).

Policies of Nations

The New World Order is primarily an economic one. Seeing as how nations that are interdependent on trade tend to fight less often, there was (and is) a concerted effort to make nations economically interdependent upon each other. The more nations need each other to survive, the less likely they are to fight. That's the basic principle running the political angle of the New World Order. So what we see in the policies of nations is the lowering of trade barriers, and creating free trade zones, such as Europe and North America, with the long-term intention of amalgamating those trade zones into full political unions. The first, and so far the only, success of this policy has been the creation of the European Union. The creation of the EU marked a major political milestone in the agenda of the New World Order. It was necessary to theoretically end all hostilities in Europe. Remember, Europe was the hotbed of two world wars. To prevent this from happening again, the entire continent must be subdued. Because of Germany's intention of becoming the undisputed leader of Europe, which led the world wars in the first place, it was decided that after the fall of the Soviet Union, a reunified Germany (based on the American post-war model) would lead the entire continent into unification. In doing this, France and Britain (America's longest allies) were sold out, while Germany (where America has most of its military bases) would become the little darling of the new European Union. The recent Brexit shows that Britain is reconsidering this raw deal, but as we have seen, there are forces both within and outside Britain diligently working to undermine the will of the British people on the Brexit. Britains succession from the EU is not final yet. We shall wait and see what happens next.

North America is the next free trade zone slated for political unification under the New World Order plan. The United States already unifies a great portion of North America, as does Canada, but the broader plan is first economically, and then politically, unify the United States, Canada, Mexico and the rest of Central America into one economic and political union, much like the EU. It's called the NAU, short for "North American Union" and the plan made great strides in the 1990s with the signing of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and again in the early 2000s under President George W. Bush. Already, plans for a massive highway system between Mexico and the United States were in the works, along with a currency scheme called the "Amero" similar to the Euro currency in the EU. These plans were put on ice in 2008 when Senator John McCain failed to secure the presidency and Senator Barack Obama was elected. Simultaneously, several conservative talk show hosts had exposed the plan of the NAU and the Amero on syndicated talk radio, and the Internet went abuzz with rumours to the same effect. The plan of the NAU was stalled and remains stalled to this day. The election of President Donald J. Trump, with his America-First trade policies, and attempt to build a border wall, have put plans for the NAU on long-term ice. However, New World Order (NWO) globalists are still hard at work, attempting to undermine and perhaps destroy the Trump presidency. Make no mistake about it, NWO globalists exist in both the Democratic and Republican parties, assuring that President Trump has enemies on both sides. Some have speculated that Trump's recent missile strikes on Syria (in contradiction to his previous position as candidate Trump) reflect his attempt to appease the NWO globalists and stall their campaign against him. Again, we shall wait and see what happens next.

Other free-trade zones are in the works globally, with the intent of creating more artificial political unions based entirely on geography and economics. However, until the EU is solidified, and the NAU becomes a possibility again, there is not much more the NWO can do.

It's imperative to understand that the NWO is not yet a global thing. It's working toward that, and most of us in the West already live under its reach, but we still have the political influence of China and Russia to deal with. China is still communist, and likewise still envisions its own ideas of a communist world order. Granted, those dreams are suppressed for the time being, and China must be content to worry mainly about its own affairs. Nevertheless, China remains a major stumbling block to the agenda of the NWO.

Likewise, Russia has emerged again as a thorn in the NWO's side. This time neither as a Christian Empire (under the czars) nor as a Communist dictatorship (under the Soviet premiers) but rather as a hybrid Secular republic, with a dictator head, that leans heavily toward a Christian (Eastern Orthodox) worldview. It's really quite a bizarre turn of events in Russia, which leads me to believe that Russia is currently in transition and that the Dictator-President Vladimir Putin is a temporary phenomenon. It looks as if Russia is heading back toward a czarist monarchy in the long-run, which would make it a Christian (Eastern Orthodox) Empire again. This, of course, makes Russia a major obstacle toward implementation of the NWO beyond the Western hemisphere, and that is why Russia is seen as an "enemy" to the West when in reality the communist threat is over and has been over for nearly three decades. So once again, we shall wait and see what happens next.

The NWO policies of nations are based on the Enlightenment ideology of the American and French Revolutions. However, they've been heavily influenced by cultural Marxism. The Enlightenment ideology is bad enough because it works on the premise that all religious believes are equal, and that none is superior to another. So under Enlightenment ideology (which we often refer to as Secularism) the religion of Christianity is no better than the religion of Islam, and Islam is no better than Buddhism, and Buddhism is no better than Hinduism, and Hinduism is no better than African animist religions, etc. Compound this with cultural Marxism, which asserts no religion at all, and it creates a very toxic blend.

You see, the philosophy of Marxism spread throughout the world during the 20th-century in two major forms. The first was political Marxism, which took the form of Communism and quickly enveloped the East, mainly Russia, later spreading to China, Eastern Europe, and other parts of the world. The second was cultural Marxism, which became popular in the West, finding its way into Western college campuses, the mainstream media, and finally into Western governments. Cultural Marxism differs from political Marxism, not in that Marxism is the final goal, but rather in the means through which Marxism is to be achieved. Political Marxism sought to impose the ideas of Karl Marx (Communism) from the top-down, using the power of the state. Cultural Marxism seeks to impose the ideas of Karl Marx (Communism) from the bottom-up, using the power of the media, educational systems, and cultural revolution. It does this by destroying the institutions of Christendom (The Old World Order), namely the Church and the family. This has the effect of creating social chaos. Once those institutions are completely eradicated, and social chaos ensues, the people will naturally turn to the state as their nanny, begging the state to impose a Marxist (Communist) solution to their woes.

So far the plan has worked marvellously, and as a child of the 1970s, I've watched the whole thing unfold over the course of my lifetime. The New World Order (probably unbeknownst to the Bushes and other early players) has become a conglomeration of Enlightenment Secularism and cultural Marxism moving in unison toward a common goal, which of course is world domination. Such world domination will naturally include the fall of trade barriers, political borders, cultural and linguistic distinctions, followed by moral absolutes and religious beliefs. It's nothing personal you see. There is no "hate" involved here. There is no "loathing" of any one of these things. It's just business you see. It is rather just a necessary transition. All of these things must fall in order for the New World Order to prevail -- a global peace based on economic interdependence and cultural sterility. This economic interdependence is based on geography, not culture. In fact, culture is seen as a primary obstacle to peace. For by eliminating cultures, and by extension the religions that created them, economic interdependence can be created using geography alone. This is why the free-trade zones (or blocks) are created by geographical boundaries, and not cultural or linguistic boundaries. One need look no further than the EU for an example.

So enters the Middle East into this formula, because when it comes to creating economic interdependence, that means the world's economy must be controlled, or at least directed in some particular way. Throughout the 20th-century, down to our current era, and on into the foreseeable future, the whole world's economy is dependent upon the flow of oil. Currently, the United States is the world's largest oil producer, followed by Russia and Saudi Arabia competing for second place. With Saudi Arabia squarely on America's side, that makes the US and Saudi Arabia the world's dominant suppliers of oil in the world. This works well with the NWO agenda since America has been the primary promoter of the NWO. However, Russia is an obstacle to the NWO. It wants to carve out its own destiny, apart from the NWO, in which Orthodox Christianity plays some sort of role, though it appears the Russians still haven't decided what kind, or how much, of a role.

However, the production of oil is only a third of the formula. The price of oil is determined by (1) production, (2) refinement and (3) flow. America and Saudi Arabia clearly control the majority of the world's production and refinement. So all the Russians have left is to control the flow. There are only two ways by which oil flows from the production-refinement stage to the delivery stage. There is the American way, which is primarily by ships and trucks, with a few pipelines. Then there is the Russian way which is primarily by pipelines with a few trucks and ships. You see the Americans primarily rely on trucks and ships, while the Russians primarily rely on pipelines. In the end, the pipeline method is cheaper, and can potentially produce cheaper gas prices at the pump provided the pipelines are secured and controlled by one regulatory power. Guess who wants to be that power? You guessed it -- Russia. You see, Russia already controls most of the oil and gas pipelines going from Asia to Europe. By allying with Iran and Syria, Russia potentially gains control of oil flowing from the northern Middle East into Europe as well. However, one nation stands between Iran and Syria and that is Iraq. This, in large part, played a huge role in the decision that led to the American invasion of Iraq in 2003 under the guise of protecting the world from Saddam Hussein's "Weapons of Mass Destruction" (WMD's) which as it turned out later, never existed...

As you can see by this interview of President George W. Bush, the fact that there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) in Iraq is beyond dispute now. President G.W. Bush, the man who made the case for the invasion on the premise of WMDs, has now admitted that he was wrong and they never existed there in the first place. That's because the real reason for going to war had nothing to do with WMDs and everything to do with disrupting any chance of Saddam Hussein allying with Russia to build a pipeline through Iraq, linking Syria and Iran to Turkey and Turkey to Europe. This would have created a major link between Persian Gulf oil supplies and Europe via Russian-built pipelines through the northern Middle East. Bush probably believed there were WMDs in Iraq and first, and in fact, this is what he was told, probably for manipulation purposes. It worked. Bush has since done a little spin-doctoring (as you can see in this video) making the case that the world is a better place without Saddam Hussein. That (as he admits) still remains to be seen, but he bases this argument on faith rather than facts. Faith in what? You might ask. The former president answers it himself. It is faith in "freedom and liberty," in other words, the Enlightenment ideals of Secularism, which is to say that all religions are equal and one is no better than another. President G.W. Bush puts his faith in the Enlightenment notion that all people are better off with freedom because no religion is any better than another. Yet, as history is clearly playing out, that does not appear to be the case. Because when you give Muslim-majority nations the same freedom and liberty you give to Western (formerly Christian) nations, what you end up with is run-of-the-mill Islam, which has always been (historically) based on Sharia Law, totalitarianism and terrorism. The Middle East has been the NWO's worst miscalculation and hundreds-of-thousands of people have paid for it with their lives now, including thousands of American soldiers.

Russia doesn't appear to buy into the ideology of the NWO and wants to build its own global paradigm based on more traditional boundaries. Russia appears to respect the differences of language and culture, but most especially religion. Their alliance with the Shiite Muslim world (north Middle East) is based on an understanding of respecting borders and that Islam will not be spread among the formerly-Christian Slavic peoples. Russia has even criticised, with words of astonishment, the admittance of Muslim migrants into Europe, which will inevitably lead to the Islamification of the Romance and Germanic peoples of Europe. Russia rightly sees this as the suicide of the West. The NWO doesn't recognise it, however, because it operates with a blind-spot to the dangers of Islam. It operates on the idea of geography and trade as models for peace, assuming that any religion will be easily subdued once economic prosperity and interdependence take over. One would think the leaders of the NWO haven't been paying attention. Muslims would rather wallow in poverty than give up their religion. They are displaying today the zeal that was once common to Christians. The only difference is, Islamic zeal is accompanied by violence.

When we look at America's intervention into Northern Africa and the Middle East, we need to see it in terms of trade, and the only thing these regions have to trade is oil. It's not about the production of oil so much as it is about the flow of oil. The NWO, led by America, wants to gain control of as much oil production as possible, while Russia (working against the NWO) wants to gain control of as much oil flow as possible. The three nations that present the biggest obstacle to America and the NWO, as well as the biggest benefit to Russia, are Syria, Iraq and Iran. If you want to understand what is happening in those places, look at the players, and who is backing the "rebels" pushing for "regime change" there. Let me give you a hint. It's always America and the NWO.

The Mainstream Media

Switching gears a bit, let's look at the other player in the New World Oder, and that is the mainstream media. The mainstream media was heavily affected by the cultural Marxism of the late 20th-century. It may be shocking to realise that it actually has two-heads. The first is the radical liberal head, typified by such outlets as CNN, MSNBC and the other alphabet networks. The conservative head is the smaller one but equally powerful, typified by FoxNews. Both of these two heads work together toward polarising the American people against one another while hiding the agenda, which is furthering the NWO. Liberals and Marxists are the useful idiots of the liberal head. Conservatives and Evangelicals are the useful idiots of the conservative head. Libertarians are the useful idiots of both heads. You see, the liberal head of the media controls the liberals and Marxists in society by feeding them a steady stream of corporate greed and moral ambiguity. The conservative head of the media controls conservatives and Evangelicals with a steady stream of big-government woes and saving Israel. All of this works together to back the NWO political agenda (see above).

In recent years there was a transition between the influence of the mainstream media and the emergence of social media on the Internet. This brief moment, while the media's guard was down, allowed for the resurgence of nationalism that manifested in the Brexit and the election of Donald J. Trump to the office of President of the United States. These events presented a huge delay to the agenda of the New World Order. Immediately after the American election, social media outlets (particularly Facebook and Twitter) began censoring and throttling conservative and Christian voices in the same way the mainstream media does. How this will play out in the next election cycles, and the future of Internet communication, remains to be seen.

Fighting Back

Understanding how to fight the New World Order means understanding how the New World Order works. Its primary mode of operation is economics. From this, it actively works toward undermining national borders, cultural distinctions, moral absolutes and religious institutions. The ultimate goal is an economically interdependent world, wherein nations cannot afford to go to war with each other anymore, all directed by a global regulatory system (global government) which people willingly give their allegiance to, for the sake of solving their social and political woes, because they can no longer do it themselves with the principles of moral absolutes and religious (particularly Christian) charity.

The New World Order is 100% dependent on big money. It needs the support of major international corporations and banks so it will do whatever it takes to make sure this major international corporations and banks are made happy. This is done by helping them crush their competition and creating oligopolies rather than monopolies. Oligopolies can be more easily controlled because no one company has all the power. We see this in the form of corporate and bank mergers all the time, gradually moving toward one massive (too big to fail) network of banks and corporations that control us all. Big business needs big government to survive, and big government needs big business. The two are mutually symbiotic. To help make sure they attain this, the local business model must be eradicated in favour of a global business model. This means that even the local shop owner must become dependent on global trade in order to stay in business. Likewise, people must be made to think in global ways. This means that control over the public education system will be necessary, as well as local media, and most especially local economies.

Effectively fighting the New World Order will not happen by some grandiose political or economic event. No war can slay this beast, and no politician or trade law can stop it. These things can slow it down, but it won't stop it. The planners of the New World Order think not in terms of months and years, but rather in terms of decades and centuries. They have a long-term plan. Rather, effectively fighting the New World Order can be accomplished by small and subtle behavioural modifications by ordinary people like you and me.

The strategy is decentalisation. We have to decentralise our economy first. This will later lead to the decentralisation of government. Once the two are effectively decentralised, the foundation of the New World Order will be eroded beneath it. The end result will be a collapse under its own weight, leaving behind a decentralised Europe and North America, similar to what existed in centuries past, before the advent of the Enlightenment and Marxism. What we will end up with is a social-economic-political system that is once again friendly to the Church and the family.

The Strategy

As I said above, the fight against the New World Order will not be won by grandiose political or economic schemes, but rather by the small and subtle behavioural modifications of regular people. The effect of these behavioural modifications is decentralisation of the economy, which naturally leads to the decentralisation of government. The following are the steps we need to take in no particular order...
  • Go to mass. Seriously, all things begin with prayer and start praying with your family regularly. Get back into regular prayer with your family, and start studying both the Bible and the Catechism together. Attend mass together, and make it part of your regular weekly ritual. Attend more than once a week if you can. We will never beat the New World Order unless God is on our side, and the only way to get God on your side is for you to get on God's side.
  • Find a traditional Catholic parish, even if you have to go out of your way. If you have to, move near one that's well established. I'm very serious about this. Liberal Catholicism is collapsing. If you want a stable Church environment for your children and grandchildren, get close to a traditional parish. Your primary options in North America are the Latin Mass parishes, or if you prefer English, then the Anglican Ordinariate parishes are a good way to go. Any Catholic can become a member of either kind of parish and there are no prerequisites -- other than just being Catholic. If one such parish doesn't exist nearby, or it's not possible to move near one, then your options are limited. You're going to have to go to the closest parish that seems the most conservative. Get a few like-minded friends together, join that parish and then get elected to the parish board for the purpose of trying to steer the parish in a more traditional direction. It's your only chance. I must caution that if you decide to go this route, you should do so in a way that is focused and determined but at the same time charitable.
  • Switch banks. Stop investing your money in the banking system. Switch to a local credit union instead. These keep money invested locally. This one action alone (if everybody did it) would bring the New World Order to its knees rather quickly. 
  • Shop locally. Choose a locally-owned retailer over a big-box retailer any time you can. I know this won't be easy because the economy has already been so centralised. Sometimes you may be forced to shop at a big-box store. But whenever you can, whenever the opportunity presents itself, shop at a locally-owned store.
  • Stop advertising for name-brands and large retailers. I'm talking about printed T-shirts, ballcaps and name-brand logos. Stop it. Wear plain and patterned clothing. Why be a walking billboard? All of this just plays into the marketing mindset of the New World Oder. It's understandable if you're trying to advertise your own personal business. But when you're advertising something else, you've become a lemming of the system. Stop it! For that matter, try dressing modestly too. This goes back to getting in touch with our Catholic religion.
  • Buy local products. Americans need to start getting a little xenophobic when it comes to where we get our food, clothing, electronics and durable goods. If you have to pay a little more, so what! At least you know where it comes from, and at least you know an American family is getting your money. Start complaining to your store and supermarket management by telling them you desire more local "American-made" products. Do this firmly, but politely of course. 
  • Schools. Use a private school or homeschool your children. Understandably, not everyone can do this, thanks to the over-centralisation of our economy that keeps wages low, forcing both spouses to work. So if you can't use a private school, or homeschool your children, then do this. Become involved in your local public school board, and/or maintain close contact with school board members. Make sure they know you by your first name. Befriend them if you have to. Then make your concerns known to them when they arise.
  • Lobby for vouchers. Write your state congressmen (state not federal) every six months asking for a state educational voucher system, wherein money is given to the parents (not the schools) for those parents willing to relieve the burden of the state in educating their children. Be persistent on this. Don't let up. Remember, it's the squeaky wheel that gets the oil. Also, remember this, it's the STATE that handles these things, not the Federal government. If you try going to the Fed you'll hit a brick wall.
  • Change your media. STOP watching the alphabet networks (CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, etc.) and be sceptical of FoxNews as well. Get your news off the Internet alone, and bookmark these websites on your computer:,,, and of course (sorry, gotta plug myself too). You may also want to bookmark a couple local news sites, but watch out if they're network-syndicated. Any national story you get from them will likely be tainted by one of the alphabet networks. Then get off Facebook and Twitter. Tell your friends you're leaving, and get over to MeWe.Com. Facebook and Twitter cannot be salvaged. They're beyond hope. MeWe has a chance at maintaining it's ironclad policy of privacy and non-censorship. That's not a guarantee, but because it hasn't been corrupted yet, and it was formed in the wake of the current scandal, it stands the best chance at remaining free. Lastly, NEVER rely on social media as your source of news. You must bookmark the actual news websites themselves and visit them regularly. That's how you're supposed to get news. You seek it out. You don't rely on somebody else to bring it to you on your social media feed. That kind of laziness will do nothing but turn you into a mind-numbed lemming. 
  • Education. Get an AS degree from a community college in some kind of a trade, before you move on to any higher education (BS, MS, PhD, etc.). This is because you may need a trade you can apply locally in the event of an economic collapse, and it ought to be in something that everyone needs. Also, when people train for trades and community colleges, they tend to stay more local, simply because they won't have to look far for a job. This helps families stay together. 
  • Self-Employment. Be your own boss, and go into business for yourself, if you can. If you can't, try to get involved in a worker-owned cooperative so you have a local share in the company. If you can't do that, consider buying stock in your employer if it's on the stock exchange. The idea here is to get some local ownership by local workers in larger companies. This will help a little, plus allow you to dump the stocks in the event of a layoff, effectively kicking the company back when they don't treat their workers properly, or export their jobs overseas.
  • Food. Plant a garden, not only for yourself, but you might even be able to can some of those produces and trade them with your neighbours. This is a good practice that gets people starting to think locally again, and helps them get away from the big corporate mentality.
  • Energy. Put some solar panels on your home, whenever it's made affordable to do so. Not only will this help reduce your energy bill, but it will likewise reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and nuclear power, both of which need big business and big government to supply.
  • Get a fuel-efficient car. If you must have a gas-guzzling beast, save it for business and local around-the-neighbourhood driving. Do all your long commuting and trips in the fuel-efficient machine. This reduces our dependency on oil, which again requires both big business and big government to supply.
  • Exercise! Whenever it's possible, walk or ride a bicycle instead of driving. This again reduces our dependency on big oil (which is big business and big government) and it might even help reduce our medical bills if we get outside and walk in some sunlight.
  • Family Time. Set aside no less than one night a week to spend time with your family, playing a game and/or reading some books aloud. (I personally recommend fantasy novels by J.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis as a good place to start. But that's just a suggestion.)
If everybody in America did these things overnight, the entire global economy would go into convulsions within a week, and within a year the New World Order would be dead. America and Europe would be on the road toward a more traditional society. Christianity would be on the rise again, and America would be talking peace with Russia, simply because the two powers would have to by necessity. 


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