Catholic Church in Republic Missouri

The Altar and Tabernacle at St. George

Attention all Catholics in, and around, the City of Republic in Missouri: there is a new Catholic parish in town. St. George Catholic Church is the one and only Catholic Church in the City of Republic and serves both the city and the surrounding area. Republic Catholics are encouraged to attend and join. More information can be obtained on the diocesan website here.

Some features at St. George...
  • All masses are in Vatican-approved liturgical English.
  • Mass is celebrated ad orientem, meaning the priest faces east, with the congregation.
  • Bells and incense are used regularly.
  • Communion is received on the tongue while kneeling in the traditional way.
  • Women are encouraged to wear hats or veils if they want to.
  • All are welcome to attend.
If this sounds like the type of Catholic worship you would be interested in, come visit St. George!