An Interview with the Marshal of The Counter-Revolution (TCR)

TCR at the 2018 Annual March for Life

The Counter-Revolution (TCR) is a new and dynamic movement within the Catholic Church, particularly in North America, but with upcoming international growth. The movement consists of many supporters, both young and old, but it is the youth who are making their presence known as the face of the TCR. Recently their presence was felt at the annual March for Life in Washington D.C. I recently had the opportunity to interview Mr Braden N. Plyler, who is the Marshal of The Counter-Revolution (TCR)...

SCHAETZEL: What is The CounterRevolution? 

PLYLER: The Counter-Revolution is an organization which stands for the Social Kingship of Christ. Christ must reign in the private and public lives of all peoples and individuals. We are a truly Catholic movement – both in promoting the Church in communion with the See of Peter, as well as a movement which embraces a universal turn away from liberalism, statism, and materialism towards Christ and His Church. We embrace that authentic Christian tradition and charity as the soul of our apostolate.

SCHAETZEL: What are the goals of The Counter-Revolution? 

PLYLER: Opportet illum regnare – He must reign! All things must be restored to Christ. This message is not something to be written on the walls of catacombs. Those who wish for Christ to reign have been regulated and marginalized. There must be a voice for Catholics, and our separated brethren who desire reunion if the Western world is to reclaim the title of Christendom and the peace which comes only through submission to Christ and His Church. Our goals are lofty but easy to obtain if our voices are unified. Christ conquers! Christ reigns!

Locke has left a hole in man’s heart where the state and pull of the mob dictate what is just. We know it is the words of Christ, as Logos, and Holy Mother Church which preserves goodness and truth.

Our short-term goals are to advocate for the Church and Her values to youth across the world – these values have been grasped by many and our movement has attracted many! We attend events in support of Catholic social teaching and working on establishing charity work in regions such as Appalachia. Showing that there is a voice for Catholic advocacy which does not bend to any party or ideology has been our strongest asset. We aim to see a return to the Church founded by Christ and the mending of all schism, a return to tradition in both private life and means of government. Along with that, we must protect the family and unborn life along with directing man away from blind materialism and towards economics as if God and man mattered.

SCHAETZEL: What are the methods of The Counter-Revolution?

PLYLER: Even the loftiest of goals can be obtained with proper strategy. In 2017, I led a delegation to the Bl. Karl of Austria Masses in Washington, D.C. and Charlotte, NC. This year we attended the March for Life with 30 members, and will soon be guests at the Frederick Douglass Dinner in Charlottesville, Virginia. Most of our behind-the-scenes work is networking with conservatives showing them an alternative to liberal secularism, along with working with other organizations such as local Latin Mass Societies and Tradition, Family, Property. We also demonstrate pro-life and pro-Catholic causes – we are hosting a major Christ the King Summit this October, along with a few minor events throughout the summer.

SCHAETZEL: What is your personal involvement in The Counter-Revolution?

PLYLER: I founded The Counter-Revolution on Christ the King Sunday of 2016. I remember first opening the website on Blogger, opening up public applications in April, and simply writing and making image macros with quotes. I used to do everything – manage the website and social media, handle all the calls, and even manage our membership across the entire United States. Since we now have over 500 members and have recently installed leadership in Canada, Australia, and England, I’ve had to delegate. Our growth has been providential. Most of my time is traded off between studying, networking, and managing the organization. I spend about three hours a day in phone calls, most of which are to Catholic media outlets and other organizations. I’m lucky to be able to travel with our leadership quite often. I view myself as an unworthy servant of all our members, and a grateful friend to all of our leadership. I’ve thankfully been able to attend all TCR events and delegation with the exception of two excursions to Baltimore and Pennsylvania.

SCHAETZEL: What are the colours and symbols of The Counter-Revolution and what do they mean? 

PLYLER: The major feature in our seal is the double-headed eagle, featuring a mitre on the left and crown on the right. This eagle represents the Church, led by the Pope, looking back on Christ enthroned on the Cross as a way of guiding the monarch and state towards heaven. Church and State in a state of symphonia – the Church and Christ are the sun while the state is the moon which gains all its light from the principle of legitimacy. We chose blue to represent Our Mother Mary, Queen of Heaven, along with gold and white to echo the Papal monarchy in Rome and the Ancient RĂ©gime of France.

SCHAETZEL: Will The Counter-Revolution offer official flags, pins and stickers for members to display their support? 

PLYLER: Yes! We currently offer flags and lapel pins on our website.

SCHAETZEL: Who is welcome to join The Counter-Revolution?

PLYLER: We are a Catholic organization. To be a full member and qualify for a leadership position, one should be a Catholic or Catholic catechumen. However – we do accept our Eastern Orthodox, Anglican, and other traditional-leaning brothers as associate members.

SCHAETZEL: Are there any fees or dues required to join The Counter-Revolution? 

PLYLER: Becoming a munifex, or an associate member is absolutely free. It is $5 per month or $100 per year to become a Legionary, or $10 per month/$200 per year to be granted the rank of Duplicarius – allowing you special invitations to our events.

SCHAETZEL: What kind of volunteer work are you looking for, and how can one start a regional chapter? 

PLYLER: We’re currently expanding our charitable work, though we simply need bodies active in spreading the word of Christ’s Kingship at our events. One may express interest in creating a Prefecture in their diocese or college campus in their application, and our Praetor will get back to them if there is no leadership already in the diocese!

SCHAETZEL: Could one simply join The Counter-Revolution just for affiliation and pray for the movement without having to volunteer any further? 

PLYLER: Most certainly! We encourage all members to develop a devotion to the Rosary and the Office. Prayers are as valuable, if not more valuable, than the work we go out and do.

SCHAETZEL: How can one join The Counter-Revolution? 

PLYLER: One must simply fill out an application on our website. We will then put you in touch with our local leadership – it’s that simple!

SCHAETZEL: Thank you for granting this interview, Braden. God bless. 

PLYLER: And thank you, sir! God bless you and your work. Your site has been one of my favorites for a long time. Ave Christus Rex!

More information about The Counter-Revolution (TCR) can be obtained from the website here:


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