Victory is Assured

This photograph, taken in Germany after World War II, shows the Holy Mass celebrated in the bombed St Paul’s Cathedral in the City of M√ľnster in 1946. It serves as a symbol of the triumph that awaits us following the ruins of Modernism in the not-too-distant future.

When we look at the overall picture of what's going on in the West, there are a few observations we can make. First, what's happening in the Western Church is directly linked to what is happening in Western culture. Some say that the virus began in the Church (with Vatican II) and then spread to the world. They say "as the Church goes, so goes the world." While I agree there is a certain degree of truth to that, I personally think it's the other way around in this case. The virus infected the world first, during the latter half of the 1800s in the form of Modernism, and then over the course of a century, gradually infected the world, and then the Church. Second, things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. This will be the case both in the world and the Church. Third, the victory of Jesus Christ and his Catholic Church is absolutely assured by his Blessed Mother Mary, and it will certainly come before the close of this century in the form of a new era of relative orthodoxy and evangelism. What we don't know is exactly when this will happen. Will it come sooner or later?

First and foremost, what is Modernism? Pope Pius X (1903 - 1914) dubbed Modernism "the synthesis of all heresies." It takes many forms and types, but the principle errors of Modernism are...
  1. God cannot be known and proved to exist by natural reason,
  2. external signs of revelation, such as miracles and prophecies, do not prove the divine origin of Christianity and are not suited to the intellect of modern man,
  3. Christ did not found a particular Church,
  4. the essential structure of the Church can change,
  5. the Church's dogma continually evolves over time so that it can change from meaning one thing to another,
  6. faith is a blind religious feeling that wells up from the subconscious under the impulse of a heart and a will trained to morality, in other words, its human in origin, and does not come from a real assent of the intellect to divine truth learned by hearing it from an external source.
These errors developed primarily from 19th-century European Protestantism and various philosophical and social movements at the time, particularly those spawned by Freemasonry. The centre of Modernism developed in 19th-century France, England, Italy, and Germany. It is primarily a Western European heresy, but from this heresy developed atheistic communism which was exported to the East rather quickly during the early 20th-century. In fact, it was during World War I that Germany insured safe passage of Vladimir Lenin back into Russia, following his exile, to help foment the Bolshevik Revolution, overthrow the Czar, thus pulling Russia out of the war and giving the Central Powers (Germany, Austria, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Turks) an advantage in the conflict. Their plain failed to help them win the war. Russia pulling out was too little too late. However, it was successful in igniting the Bolshevik Revolution anyway, which would usher in worldwide communism and the deaths of 60 to 100 million souls during the 20th-century.  This is what Our Lady of Fatima warned us of a century ago.

In the West, however, Modernism preferred a more subtle approach that spread gradually, affecting the very fibre of society itself, rather than going straight to the top of the political ladder as it did in the East through communism. Looking back at the 20th-century, hindsight always being 20/20, we can clearly see that what was at work in both the East and the West was the exact same heresy (Modernism) playing out in two different ways. It's as if two different strategies were being employed by one sinister mind. In the East, Modernism was implemented from the top-down (communism). While in the West, Modernism was implemented from the bottom-up (liberalism or leftism). The goals were essentially the same, which is the triumph of the errors described above. Under Modernism, whether it be Eastern communism or Western liberalism, Jesus Christ is reduced to a revolutionary social-worker who is no longer divine, but rather a human example for the rest of us, especially priests who should likewise abandon their altars and become social-workers too. Western liberals often point to the gospel stories about Jesus driving out the money-changers from the Temple, likening this to the liberal struggle against "oppressive" religion and capitalism. Whether it be Western liberalism or Eastern communism, it's all the same folks. It's Modernism. So that's what I shall call it henceforth.

It was during the 20th-century that Modernism gradually crept into the Church. We can see the early attempts of Pope Pius X to stop it with his Syllabus of Errors. As the 20th-century wore on, engulfing the planet in two world wars, followed by a Cold War that threatened the real prospect of human extinction, the warnings of Pius X faded into distant memory, and the Catholic Church gradually let her guard down. We see the triumph of Modernism over mainline Protestant denominations first, followed by its triumph over the Catholic Church in the years following the Second Vatican Council.

The explosion of Evangelical Protestant churches in the latter half of the 20th-century does not reflect the rise of a new religious movement in the West, but rather an exodus of mainline Protestants away from their traditional denominations into more socially conservative Evangelical branches. Such was the case with my own family (from Lutheran to non-denominational) and tens of millions just like us. My father initially left Lutheranism early in my childhood as a compromise with my Southern Baptist mother. Together, they attended an American Baptist church (slightly more liturgical than Southern Baptist), but when word reached my father about how liberal many Lutheran churches had gone during the 1970s and 80s, he vowed never to return. He and my mother have since moved on to a nondenominational Evangelical church. Their story has been repeated millions of times in the USA. In a very real sense, we need to look at these Evangelical churches not as new denominations, but rather as Protestant refugee camps, wherein dwell modestly conservative Protestants who can no longer tolerate the liberal Modernist trajectory of their historic denominations. What unites most of them, outside of a basic "bare-bones" belief in the Protestant gospel, is a socially conservative mindset that is basically a Catholic understanding of Christian morality. Unfortunately, however, these Evangelical affiliations really are just refugee camps. They lack the history and tradition necessary to keep themselves growing for an extended period of time. When their collapse eventually comes, it will be hard and fast.

Second, things are likely to get much worse before they get better. Though admittedly, the cat is out of the bag as far as liberal Modernism is concerned, both inside and outside the Catholic Church. Both political Modernism and ecclesial Modernism are being exposed for the frauds that they are. We've seen the corruption of political Modernism unfold in the United States in the form of civil war within the Democratic National Committee (DNC), wherein it has become clear that the 2016 Democratic primary was rigged to favour Hillary Clinton because the party no longer follows the democratic process. Likewise, we've seen the Modernist bias of the mainstream media reveal itself in the most obvious (and somewhat amusing) ways. They can no longer hide it, nor do they even try, and the American people are sick of it. Now we're seeing the entertainment industry explode with allegations of sexual abuse, predatorial practices, paedophilia and downright perversion. It's no surprise to most of us, especially those of us who used to live out there (yours truly), but it's refreshing to see it all come to light. Hollywood may never be the same after this, and the scandal is now starting to spread into the television and news industry. Again, there is no surprise there. A spotlight is being shown on political Modernism in all its ugliness. That doesn't mean, however, that people will stop voting for liberal Modernist candidates. In fact, I expect they will continue with greater intensity now, simply because they falsely believe the only way to turn off the spotlight, before it shines on them, is to put people in charge who have no problem limiting freedom of speech, religion and the press. In other words, they believe the answer to light is more darkness. It's probably going to get much worse before it gets better. I explained a strategy for surviving this time in my essay "The Coming Storm and How to Prepare."

Likewise, liberal Modernism in the Church has been exposed for the complete fraud that it is. The real turning point was in around 2003, when the predatory sexual-abuse scandal broke in the American press, bringing the USCCB to its knees almost overnight. Since then we have seen similar scandals erupt in other countries. Not surprisingly, this seems to be most prevalent in the countries that have accepted the most liberal tenets of Modernist thinking. Wherever the liturgy is loose and free-wheeling, wherever the teaching is least orthodox, wherever Catholics appear to be the most Protestant, there you will find the highest degree of sexual abuse and scandal in the Church. Everyone knows it now. The cat is out of the bag. There's no hiding it anymore.

The biggest problem facing faithful Catholics right now is that our numbers are few and we are scattered. We can't help each other so long as we are separated by vast distances, and our regular diocesan parishes not only fail to support us, but sometimes even actively work against us, by teaching Modernism from behind the pulpit, in our catechism classes, and parish events. This has caused many faithful Catholics to distrust their local clergy and seek out more faithful places of Catholic worship. Michael Voris explains this in greater detail here...

At the very least, faithful Catholics are "voting with their feet." They're leaving regular diocesan parishes in larger and larger numbers, and they're going to one of the following valid and legal options for all members of the Roman Catholic Church...
  1. A Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) celebrated by either a diocesan priest, or a priest from the Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP), or Institute of Christ the King (ICKSP), or one of the many other lawful traditional Catholic communities. Click Here to Find One.
  2. A Traditional English Mass (TEM), or "Anglican-Form" Divine Worship Mass (DWM), as celebrated in the ordinariate parishes. Click Here to Find One.
  3. An Eastern Catholic Mass as celebrated by the Eastern Catholic churches in full communion with Rome. Click Here to Find One.
There are of course the extremely rare, and nearly non-existent, regular masses celebrated in occasional diocesan parishes, where everything is reverent, historic Catholic tradition is observed, and the teaching is staunchly orthodox. If you're in or near one of those, by all means, support it! If not, then you might want to consider a relocation to one of the suggestions above. Once you've settled into a good and faithful Catholic parish like this, I strongly suggest you move closer to it. It's better to be within walking distance of a good parish than within walking distance of your job. We have to remember who we are. We have an identity to keep, and brethren to support in upcoming hard times. We can't do that if we're spread all over the place. As Benjamin Franklin said, following the signing of the Declaration of Independence. "We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately." This saying holds especially true for faithful Catholics today. In very short order, we shall be facing a society that wants to destroy us, and quite possibly, a hierarchy willing to sell us out to them. There is safety in numbers, but those numbers mean nothing when they're spread all over the landscape. Consider this disturbing thought. If you're driving more than 15 minutes to get to the nearest faithful Catholic parish, you are just one gasoline-shortage away from having no access to that parish at all. Those of us who remember the late 1970s know exactly what I'm talking about. You'll be cut off! Isolated. You'll be a lone island in a sea of Modernism, and trust me, you won't last. Nobody lasts long as an island. So move within walking distance of a faithful Catholic parish, of some type, whatever the cost, then support that parish with everything you have. That way, when the bad times come (and they will eventually), you will always have access to your traditional Catholic parish nearby.

Third, while these are dark times indeed, they will not last. If we are faithful, our victory is assured. If we are not faithful, then the victory of those who remain faithful is assured, and we'll just be left out. So the moral of that story is remain faithful and you'll get to take part in the inevitable victory of the faithful that is coming. I know that in the face of so much Modernist onslaught things can seem hopeless at times. I understand, and I know first hand, what it feels like. This is why it's so important to step back and get a look at the big picture. If you're having trouble doing that, let me help you out a bit.

The seeds of Modernism's own demise are built right into it. It is a victim of its own success. The simple truth is, it will not survive the 21st-century. Yes, I'm calling it right here and now. By the year 2100, Modernism will no longer exist. It will be a relic for the history books. Tomorrow's children will shake their heads in disbelief when they are taught about the stupidity of our age. Modernism is unsustainable. The Russians found that out the hard way when the Soviet Union collapsed and Russia was converted to a semi-Western republic. For all of Russia's flaws, and there are many, she now understands that she cannot survive without Christianity. This is why the Russian government now backs the Russian Orthodox Church both financially and legally. This is why Russian-speaking regions of Eastern Europe are slowly peeling away from Europe and joining with Russia instead. They see that what the West offers with liberalism is just a bottom-up approach to the same Modernism that communism tried to impose from the top-down. It's a dead-end street. It does not last. It has no future, and it's horribly destructive to families as well as humanity in general. They would rather throw their lot in with a quasi-dictator (Vladimir Putin) than becoming part of the West's social experiment.

Demographically speaking, the Modernist policies of Western Europe will result in the evaporation of European culture long before the end of the 21st-century. If allowed to continue, Europe will be transformed into Islamic "Europastan" by 2100. North America, on the other hand, is in better shape but only because of Catholic immigration from Central and South America, and only because we haven't admitted nearly as many Muslims into our continent as Europe has.

The embrace of artificial contraception (Modernism's sacrament) is the West's undoing, as Europe is painfully discovering right now, and North America will soon feel within about a decade. When Muslims out-birth Westerners by a ratio of 4:1, it's just a matter of time before simple math will determine the fate of a people. Modernists don't reproduce -- period. If they have one child, that's a lot for them. Modernist Christians aren't much better. Modernism will eventually become a victim of its own success, driving its own adherents into extinction. It will not survive. It cannot survive. Modernism is doomed in the West by demographics, just as it was doomed in the East by economics.

We can expect, however, the usual reaction of Modernism as its inevitable demise gets closer. Modernists will not go quietly into the night. They will lash out, like a drowning man flailing against the water. Anyone who goes near will find himself a victim. When I was a lifeguard, back in my youth, one of my favourite tactics to saving drowning victims was to dive underneath them, grab them by the feet, spin them around so they were facing the other way, then move up and put a shoulder lock on them, so they couldn't take me down with them as I towed them back to shore. Facing the other direction, their arms would flail wildly in the air. Their legs would flail out of control in all directions, but they were so weak after fighting the water for so long, they couldn't do anything so long as I held on tight. I would get a kick once in a while, but because of my position behind them, it wouldn't affect me much. Aside from a few scratches and bruises, I always made it back to land, and over the course of my short career, I saved dozens. From this, I learnt a valuable lesson. The drowning cannot be saved until they are rendered helpless and unable to harm you. This is how it will be with Western culture influenced by Modernism. We cannot save it until it is rendered helpless and unable to hurt us. Like the drowning man, we must swim out to it, get into position, but keep our distance and wait for it to weaken. Then when it has lost most of its strength, we dive down underneath, grab hold of the feet, spin it around and put a shoulder lock on it so it can't hurt us as we save what is left of our civilisation. This is all metaphorically speaking of course, but you get the idea. Right now the Modernist influence on the West is too strong. If we try to save it now, it will hurt us, and we could easily get pulled down with it. We must get into position and wait, wait for it to start sinking. Then we can safely act.

Probably the most hurtful part about all of this is witnessing the influence of Modernism in the Catholic Church. As a former Protestant, I have watched the religion of my youth drown beneath the waves of Modernism. I learnt a lot from watching this. Protestantism cannot be saved. It doesn't have the resources. The only way Protestants can preserve something of their heritage is by bringing it with them into the Catholic Church, as the Anglicans have through the ordinariates. Otherwise, the best they can hope for is to just embrace Catholic heritage and bury their Protestant history for good. When Modernism infects the Catholic Church, as it clearly has in so many places, it's not only hurtful but frightening.

I've got some good news for you though. Modernism in the Catholic Church will die out long before it dies out in Western civilisation. Basically, the Catholic Church in Europe and North America will face such a demographic implosion in about ten years that even Rome is starting to panic a little. This is one reason why the option of allowing married men into the priesthood is being floated. As I wrote previously (see here), I personally favour the idea, but only because I have experience with it. Modernists might believe that bringing married men into the priesthood would allow them to carry on with their Modernist nonsense for another generation, but that isn't the way it works. Literally, every married Catholic priest I know, and I know many, is theologically and liturgically traditional. Married men don't have time for Modernist lunacy. They've raised families. They know what works -- discipline! If Rome puts married men into cassocks, they're going to get strong-willed disciplinarians into the priesthood. I'm not sure how many in Rome realise this, but I don't think it matters. They're getting desperate, and it's starting to show.

With the exception of Africa and Asia, where Catholicism is strong and somewhat free of the worst influences of Modernism, the Catholic Church in the West is about to implode. It has just one decade before there won't be enough people left in the pews to justify hanging on to the buildings. Business is business, as they say, and one by one, these parishes were be closed and sold off. In about 10 short years, by 2027, a process will begin that will reduce the Catholic Church in North America by about 90%. We can expect 9 out of 10 Catholic parishes to be closed down and sold off. The process will take about a decade, spanning from 2027 to 2037. Just about the time when Western civilisation starts to go into sociological convulsions, the Western Catholic Church (with the exception of Africa and Asia) will be reduced to 10% its current size.

This is why it is so imperative that faithful Catholics move as close as possible to (within walking distance of) traditional Catholic parishes. We've got to build up their numbers. So that when the great sell-off starts, these parishes will remain secure. Solvent and growing parishes aren't closed down. That's not how business works, and in the end, every bishop (no matter how liberal) is a businessman. He has to keep his diocese afloat, and he can't do that if he's selling off the only parishes that are still growing.

I implore you, for the love of God, move closer to traditional parishes and support them now. This seemingly small and insignificant act will not only save your family but when multiplied by tens of thousands of families, it will save Christendom. Look at the links to these parishes above, do some research, visit some parishes, and start making plans for relocation now!

The reason why Modernist Catholicism will implode in about 10 years is that of simple demographics. Modernist parishes don't produce vocations, so there simply won't be enough priests left to shepherd them. If, however, there were magically enough priests to shepherd these parishes, there won't be enough members to fill them. Modernist parishes don't grow. At best they plateau and then begin losing members. The average age of a Modernist parishioner right now is about 60. In about ten years, the average member will be in his 70s, and that's when people start to die off. Once they do, they won't be replaced by young tithing parishioners. It won't take long for the money to dry up, and when it does, decisions will have to be made. Parishes will be merged, and that means one will have to be closed. Once closed it will be sold off, and that's that. This is how Modernism kills Catholic parishes. It's not sudden. Rather, the flailing congregation just gives up, and quietly sinks beneath the waves. There aren't enough faithful Catholics to save them all, but if we move closer to traditional parishes, we can start the process of saving about 10% of them.

That's the big picture, you see, because the 10% of Catholic parishes that survive the coming demographic purge will be our traditional parishes. When the demographic purge is done, starting in 10 years and complete within 20, the only Catholic parishes left standing will be faithful and traditional parishes. Once that happens Benedict's prophecy (see here) will be fulfilled, and the Catholic Church will be reborn anew, ready to re-evangelise the fallen West.

The clock is ticking and it cannot be stopped. What many traditional Catholics referred to as the "biological solution" is now underway. The priests ordained during that initial tumultuous time following Vatican II are now approaching retirement. Nature itself is slowly eradicating them. As the end of their generation (and their life's work) is now within sight, they're flailing wildly like the drowning man. This is why we've seen such a wild surge in Modernism within the Church following the election of Pope Francis. While he is not the Modernist saviour they had hoped he would be, he does appear to be sympathetic enough to allow them one last "hurrah!" before they and their followers silently slip beneath the waves.

I don't bash my pope on this blog, and I would appreciate it if commenters would respect my wishes and do the same in their comments below. Pope Francis is no Benedict, and he's not even a John Paul II, but he is our pope, so let's keep it civil, please. Francis appears to be doing what he can to let nature take its course, rather than allowing the Church to tear itself apart. To prevent schism, the Modernists need to be given enough room to drown. This social experiment of Modernism in the Church will be over within 1 to 2 decades. What emerges on the other side will be a Church much smaller, but far more conservative than she was even in the 1950s!

Nothing can stop this now. Biology and nature have set the clock in motion. Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock... our Modernist nightmare is gradually coming to an end. My generation (Generation X) may see it's demise and the rebirth of something much greater before we die. It's the Millenial Generation of today, the youth now in college, who will witness all this take place over the next few decades of their lives. Oh, how I envy them! How grand it would be to start a family now, move close to a traditional Catholic parish, homeschool the children, and raise them to be adults in the smaller, but more vibrant, Church of tomorrow. That's okay, my children aren't that old. They'll only have to endure a decade of lunacy and parish closures before things get better, and maybe (Lord willing) I'll live long enough to see the day. Until then, I am happy and proud to lay the foundation for them, by building up a traditional Catholic parish just 5 minutes walking distance from my home. Lord willing, I shall be buried there someday, and Lord willing, my grandchildren and great-grandchildren will be baptised and confirmed there. I can only thank God for placing me in this dark time and giving me an opportunity to shine a light. You can do the same. Will you?

I ask that you share this essay by email and social media. Thank you.


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Arminius said…

An excellent and passionate essay. I see your prayerful vision and agree with it. The future is with our children. Why do you the enemy targets our childrens’ hearts and minds? This is our challenge as parents, to be that shield for our children.
Matthew M said…
Excellent Shane. Only disagree on a handful of things but too tired to debate tonight. Maybe later in the week I'll state my objections. Anyway,I know you are a monarchist and I have leanings in that direction but USA will never resort to a monarchy. We have no Royal Family or families to choose from. Besides, monarchs were never that great historically. A handful at best. We need a Orthodox Pope first. Another younger Benedict not tainted by VaticanII. Remember the book and movie "THE SHOES OF THE FISHERMAN"? A Russian Byzantine Ukrainian Catholic becomes Pope. Or, haven't seen "The Young Pope" TV series but it sounds interesting, Pius XIII no less! Well, getting drowsy so I'm done for now.
Michael E. said…

Thank you for this essay. It's informative and useful, and I can see you believe it sincerely and with a passion. I will definitely take it into consideration.

However, I'm a bit concerned with regard to a few points--and I know whereof I speak, because I've been there myself. I fear that there are a few things you have overlooked, I trust without meaning to.

First, this is focusing primarily on temporal matters. Certainly it's not to suggest that those are unimportant, but God is present everywhere and to everyone, not just in traditional parishes. We should support traditional parishes for their sake and ours, but let's not forget both that there were no parishes at all in the early days of the Church, or that there are hermits in the Church.

Second, it's always risky predicting the future. Nearly a year ago I realized that, for four years, I'd been acting on a desire contrary to the First Commandment by trying to predict the future too specifically and by trying to prepare for it in temporal ways. Added to which, I'd think that, before Modernist parishes dried up, they would do what political Modernists are doing and let more immigrants into the country from Mexico and etc.--to try to prolong themselves and hide the true effects of their actions for as long as possible. And this would also allow the political Modernists to pretend not to be enemies of the Church for longer. Whatever the Modernists are, I don't think they're stupid.

I do agree with many of your points, though, and I support you. We should fast and pray for our president and our country and the Church therein--and our families--especially as Advent approaches.

God bless!
Aria Maddison said…
Miraculous Prayer to the Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit, you who makes me see everything and shows me the way to reach my ideal, you who gives me the divine gift to forgive and forget all the wrong that is done to me and you who are in all instances of my life with me. I, in this short dialogue, want to thank you for everything, and affirm once more that I never want to be separated from you no matter how great the material desires may be. I want to be with you and my loved ones in your perpetual glory. To that end and submitting to God’s holy will, I ask form you… (mention your favour). Amen

This prayer should be said for 3 consecutive days. After the 3rd day, your sincere wish will be granted no matter how difficult it may be. Promise to offer thanksgiving by sharing it and expressing it on granting of your favour. The idea is to spread the wonder of the Holy Spirit.
It is unfortunate that the term "Modernism" was ever started. It taints many worthwhile movements unfairly while ignoring the fact that most real heresies go back at least centuries in origin. While three Popes deplored modernism, they and the Church would have been better served by more specificity on their part. The tendency to equate individual freedom and democracy with heresy was most unfortunate. The Church has still not completely lived that down. NB> On the ethnic Russian affinity for the Orthodox Church. It is unfortunate that Russians have a strong tendency to combine church and state. It has not served them well in the past and under Putin has become a vehicle for foreign conquest. I can assure you the members of countries of the Russian near abroad have no desire for re-run of the Soviet Union no matter the blandishments offered by a big brother.