A 2016 Christmas Gift Idea

Shane in St. John's Chapel, Mercy Hospital Springfield, Missouri

Do you know anyone who doesn't understand the Catholic Christian faith? Do you have Protestant friends and family who "just don't get it?" Worse yet, are you confronted on holidays and family get-togethers with challenging questions, even accusations, about Catholicism and the Catholic Church? Or, are you looking to explain Catholic teaching in a way that Evangelical Protestants can easily understand?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then my 2013 book "Catholicism for Protestants" might be for you. While I admit this to be a shameless promotion on my part, it may be worth consideration. I wrote this book specifically for the purpose of helping Protestants (particularly Evangelicals) understand our faith, and also to help Catholics better explain our faith in a way Evangelicals can understand. The book is short and arranged in a question/answer format by general topics that are major points of difference between Catholics and Evangelicals. It could make an excellent Christmas gift, or simply a pre-holiday handout for troublesome relatives who like to grill your Catholic faith during family get togethers.

Conversion is a matter of the heart, not the mind. So it's unlikely that any book will convert a non-Catholic in and of itself, unless that person already has a seeking heart. For seekers, this book has proved to be very helpful in directing them toward the Catholic Church. For non-seekers, this book has proved very helpful in redirecting questions away from accusation into genuine curiosity. So in other words, it resets the debate, levelling the playing field a bit, and allows you to engage them on a level that is at least civil and intelligent.

This book has also been used by catechists in parishes around the country to educate Catholics in how to defend their faith. Sections of it have even been used as inserts in parish bulletins.

I recommend getting the paperback from Amazon, so that you can acquire the Kindle version for free. This allows you to keep a digital version for yourself, while giving the paperback version to your friend or loved one. It's literally two books for the price of one.

So please consider this as a Christmas suggestion. Below you will find my interview with Michael Voris of Church Militant, who highly recommends the book, as well as various ordering options.

Buy the paperback through Amazon,
and get the Kindle version for FREE.

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The book contains a NIHIL OBSTAT from Reverend Allan Saunders, Censor Librorum, and an IMPRIMATUR from the Most Reverend James V. Johnston, Jr., former Bishop of Springfield - Cape Girardeau (now the Bishop of Kansas City - Saint Joseph).
"There are many books addressing the difference between Protestants and Catholics. Some are very detailed and cumbersome; others are too simple or not complete in their scope. Shane Schaetzel has provided us with a simple question and answer format that is both complete and thorough, but also simple and easily approachable. May it be used to reach many souls for Jesus and his Catholic Church."   
-- Steve Ray: Catholic Apologist, Author, Film Producer, CatholicConvert.com 

"Shane Schaetzel has done a great service to Protestants and Catholics alike by presenting Catholic truth clearly and simply through a series of questions and answers."  
-- Fr. Christopher Phillips, Catholic convert and priest, AtonementOnline.com 

"A great read!"  
-- Michael Voris: Catholic Journalist, ChurchMilitant.com