Voting with a Clear Conscience

A Catholic Sermon on How to Vote this Tuesday

Previously on this blog, I explained why I will be voting for Donald J. Trump for President of the United States this Tuesday. To briefly recap, I know that either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton WILL BE our next president. Therefore, when faced with this stark reality, and assessing the stated vision of each candidate, there is no question in my mind that if Hillary Clinton is elected, through her executive orders and court appointments, she will enshrine abortion-on-demand in this country, up to the 9th month of pregnancy, for decades to come. In addition, I am certain that she will also attack the U.S. Catholic Church by revoking its tax exempt status unless it complies with government mandates on contraception, abortion and same-sex "marriage." She will do this to all churches (Catholic and Protestant), and she'll stack the courts with her judges to make it stick, in spite of the U.S. Constitution. In the face of such great evil, I have no choice but to vote for Donald Trump in order to protect the Church and the lives of unborn children.

Now that being said, I've told you how I will vote. I have not told you how you should vote, and I won't. I don't tell people how to vote. Rather, I just tell them how I will vote, and let them make up their own minds. You know where I stand now.

The question remains however, what candidates remain for those who cannot (in good conscience) vote for either candidate? If you're a faithful Catholic, the options are limited to be sure. However, I will attempt to simplify here. The following are third-party options which are in-line with Catholic teaching on essential matters.

The first is Mike Maturen of the American Solidarity Party (see website here). This candidate, and his party, are the MOST in line with Catholic social teaching, putting a priority on the Pro-Life issue. Currently, the party is relatively small, even by third-party standards, but it is growing exponentially fast now, thanks to the endorsement of many Catholic clergy and bloggers. A write-in vote for the Solidarity Party is a vote for Catholic social teaching in full.

The second is Darrell Castle of the Constitution Party (see website here). This candidate, and his party, are in line with Catholic social teaching on most social matters, especially the Pro-Life issue. However, the party falls short when it comes to Catholic teaching on economics. It's not far off, but in comparison to the Solidarity Party, this falls more in line with Evangelical thinking than Catholic thinking. Still a vote for the Constitution Party would be a step in the right direction and a morally acceptable choice.

The third is Tom Hoefling of America's Party (see website here). This candidate, and the party he represents, are both very similar to the Constitution Party with subtle differences, and represent an acceptable choice.

That's pretty much it folks. I have heard some people express interest in Gary Johnston of the Libertarian Party. Faithful Catholics should be aware that both Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party are essentially "Pro-Choice" on the issue of abortion. Granted, it is considerably less extreme than the Hillary Clinton and Democratic Party option, but Pro-Choice nonetheless. Catholics who claim they cannot vote for a major candidate (like Clinton or Trump) because of Catholic moral principles would be sacrificing those principles by voting for Gary Johnson and Libertarian.

So those are the only moral options left for Catholics. It's either going to have to be a vote for Donald Trump, or else a write in vote for Mike Maturen, or Darrell Castle, or Tom Hoefling. Anything else would be a vote in the wrong moral direction.


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Pair O' Dimes said…
Thank you for this.

I wonder why I haven't heard much about the fact that it's the Electoral College who elect the President, and it always has been.

The original intent was for Electors alone to decide who they wanted for President, to prevent it from being in the hands of the people. Even now, where the popular vote winner and the electoral vote winner differ, the Electoral vote is what matters.

I wonder why that isn't being brought up more. It's partly my own fault because I haven't brought it up myself, but I still wonder.