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V for Victory

At the time I am writing this, it is Monday, November 7, 2016. The American presidential election has not happened yet. I will be going to the polls to vote tomorrow. I have set blogger to automatically publish this essay on November 9 at 9:11 am, Central Standard Time (CST). I've done this because I want my readers to know that this essay was written before the election, and the message I am writing here operates completely on its own, apart from the election results, whatever they may be.

I have titled this essay "V for Victory" and the "V" stands for the Roman number 5. It also stands for "victory," because I believe in this case, they are one in the same. It's also the title of a graphic novel and movie: "V for Vendetta" which is the origin of the Guy Fawkes mask now used by the Anonymous computer hackers, various government protesters, and Halloween revelers. Every Catholic should know the story about Guy Fawkes (read more about him here). Remember, remember! The fifth of November, The Gunpowder treason and plot; I know of no reason Why the Gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot! I don't support what he did, in fact I repudiate it, but when I consider the horrible persecution Catholics suffered under Protestant England, I can't help but sympathise with the reason for why he did it. All of these things are interrelated in my use of the letter "V" for the number 5.  I am about to reveal something about myself now. It will be no surprise to the people who know me personally.

I am a rebel.

That's right. I am a rebel. But I am not a rebel to my country. I love my country. I love it so much, and that is why I am a rebel. What kind of rebel you ask? I am a rebel to the American two-party system and the corrupt Washington D.C. political establishment. I love my country so much that I want to see the entire Democratic-Republican-Washington-Establishment edifice come crumbling down. I want to destroy the current political status quo in America. I don't mean change it. I don't mean modify it. I don't mean redirect it. I mean destroy it! I want it to burn. All of it. So that in the process this nation (my beloved country and people) will experience a rebirth of freedom the likes of which we have not seen since 1776.

So for this reason, without yet knowing the results of the presidential election, I am sharing with you a plan to do just that, and it's a plan that (if implemented) will work regardless of who wins the presidential election tomorrow.

It's called Article V, and its a reference to Article V of the United States Constitution. This particular article has never been fully activated, but it could be, if enough people get behind it. Basically, Article V provides a provision by which the states can literally take away Washington D.C.'s ability to govern itself by calling for a "Convention of States" or COS.

Now this is not the same as a Constitutional Convention (CC or Con-Con). Under a Constitutional Convention (CC or Con-Con), the entire Constitution is up for grabs and could be rewritten. That's not what Article V does. Rather, Article V allows for a Convention of States, or COS, in which the states can directly add amendments to the U.S. Constitution all by themselves, and completely bypass the United States Congress entirely.

Normally, the Constitutional amendment process works like this. The United States Congress drafts the amendment and then votes on it. If it passes both houses of Congress by a two-thirds majority, it is then sent directly to the states (not the president or the courts, but the states) for ratification. The amendment must then be ratified by three-fourths of the states to become part of the Constitution. All of this is covered in Article V of the U.S. Constitution, and the United States has done this many times over the last 200 years.

However, when such a time comes that Congress refuses to propose amendments that might limit the power of the federal government, or undo the corruption of Washington D.C., there is another provision given in Article V which states can use as a recourse. It's called the Convention of States (COS). This provision allows the states to organised a special convention, completely bypassing Congress, and submit amendments for ratification by the states on their own, leaving Congress out of the process. The founding fathers of the United States seemed to understand that a time may come when Congress would gain so much power and corruption that it would simply refuse to offer any amendments that might limit it. We have now reached such a time, and we've been there for quite a while.

A Convention of States (COS) puts power back into the hands of the states, and allows them to reshape the federal government on their own, without having to ask Washington D.C.'s permission, or worry about negative rulings from the federal courts. It is a simple reminder that the founding fathers of the United States envisioned America as a UNION OF STATES WORKING TOGETHER, not a centralised federal bureaucracy ruling by executive, legislative or judicial fiat. In this vision, the founding fathers stumbled upon something the Catholic Church would later clarify in the social justice principle called SUBSIDIARITY.

It has been said that all true Catholic social justice rests on Subsidiarity. One Catholic theologian called Subsidiarity the "hinge" upon which the "door" of Catholic social justice turns. Without it, there can be no Catholic social justice. To summarise, the principle of Subsidiarity states that the higher functions of government must be subservient (subsidiary), and submissive to, the lower functions of government. What does that mean? It means the federal government serves the states, and not vice versa. It means the state governments serve their counties, and not vice versa. It means the county governments serve their cities, and not vice versa. It means the city governments serve private business, churches, charities and families -- and not vice versa! It means the government is a tool to serve the people, not vice versa, and that bigger governments must serve smaller governments, not vice versa.

The founding fathers of the United States seemed to stumble across this principle in a very rudimentary and simplified way, and enshrined it in the U.S. Constitution in what we today call "Federalism." Under Federalism, the federal government is meant to serve the states and not vice versa. We see this principle enshrined throughout most of the U.S. Constitution. However, Article V recognises that even a government meant to serve the people through Federalism can sometimes go awry. Sometimes that same government can become a tyranny, and force itself upon the states, either through coercion or bribery (Washington D.C. does both). When that happens, sometimes the states have to take matters into their own hands, and Article V gives them a specific legal, and Constitutional, mechanism to do just that...
The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution, or, on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments, which, in either case, shall be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the legislatures of three fourths of the several states, or by conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other mode of ratification may be proposed by the Congress; provided that no amendment which may be made prior to the year one thousand eight hundred and eight shall in any manner affect the first and fourth clauses in the ninth section of the first article; and that no state, without its consent, shall be deprived of its equal suffrage in the Senate. 
-- Article V, Constitution of the United States of America
Credit: Drdpw, Wiki Commons
I have highlighted the specific text above, pertaining to a Convention of States (COS). To illustrate, I am providing a specific diagram here as to how the process works. So far, America has only used the Congressional method, illustrated on the left side of the diagram. What I am proposing here is that we use the method illustrated on the right side of the diagram for the first time in American history, letting the states directly intervene in the process of amending the U.S. Constitution in such a way as to strip the federal government of enough powers to effectively neuter the corruption and tyranny. In other words, what I'm saying here, is that it's time to burn this whole corrupt system down, and remind the Federal government that it serves the states, not vice versa! This can be done by introducing constitutional amendments, which if/when ratified by three-fourths of the states, can limit the power of the federal government over the states. This nearly eliminates the corruption problem, because if the Fed loses its power to control the states, its corruption immediately becomes irrelevant. In addition to this, some amendments can be introduced, which if/when ratified, might actually curb corruption as well. For example; the most common one proposed is Congressional term limits. Notice that Congress had no problem proposing a constitutional term limit on the executive branch (presidency), but has never proposed constitutional term limits on itself. Isn't that interesting? You see how corruption works? This is just the tip of the iceberg. A Convention of States (COS) could propose a dozen constitutional amendments, which if/when ratified by three-fourths of the states, will effectively put the chains on the federal government that we've needed for decades, and restore authority back to state governments in handling domestic matters.

To accomplish this monumental task, a private organisation has been formed called the Convention of States Project, and you can view its website here.

The Convention of States Project has already had considerable success toward accomplishing its goal of bringing about a Convention of States (COS). You can read more about this progress on its website.

The beauty of this crusade is that its based on the primary principle of Catholic social justice -- Subsidiarity -- and its a crusade that is not dependent on the success of any particular political party or candidate. It doesn't matter who wins the election tomorrow, because the purpose of the Convention of States (COS) remains unchanged. It doesn't matter what your political orientation is, because unless you're an absolute communist, the idea of more localised government should be appealing to you. So I'm asking you, my readers, to join me now in treason. Not treason against our beloved America -- Heavens No! -- but treason against the two-party political system and the corrupt Washington D.C. political establishment.

This is how you can help me. First, go to the Convention of States website and sign the petition -- here's the link. Second, share the heck out of this thing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and whatever other social media you prefer. Third, sign up to be a local volunteer for the Convention of States Project in your area -- here's the link. Fourth, pray that this works, because if it doesn't, we will not get another chance at a peaceful revolution in this country.

Do not fool yourselves into believing that the election of either Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton, will in any way solve the problems in this nation of ours. It won't. Each candidate has particular pros and cons, and everyone knows my position on which one I think is more dangerous. However, regardless of who wins tomorrow, we're only talking about a four to eight year period of policies that might be a little better or a little worse. Neither candidate has the solutions to really solve our biggest national problem, and that problem is a centralised government that is reducing state sovereignty and increasingly gaining more and more control over our personal lives. That has to stop! And we cannot rely on Congress, the very people causing it, to suddenly change their minds and decided to stop it by limiting their own power. That is simply NOT ever going to happen. We the people, of our respective states, must do that for them, and outside of an armed insurrection, the Convention of States (COS) is the last recourse we have at a peaceful revolution. Let's not let this opportunity slip by. Join me in Constitutional revolt and treason against our corrupt political system. Join the Convention of States Project.



Shane Schaetzel is an author of Catholic books, and columnist for Christian print magazines and online publications. He is a freelance writer and the creator of 'FullyChristian.Com -- The random musings of a Catholic in the Ozarks.'

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