Monday, August 29, 2016

I'm WIth Solidarity

So this is it for me. This is the LAST election I will vote Republican in. My sole purpose of voting Republican is to try to stop Hillary Clinton, whom I believe to be the greatest evil in this entire 2016 election cycle. Regardless if she wins or loses, my vote for Donald J. Trump in November will mark the end of a 28-year long Republican voting streak.

I started voting Republican in 1988, the first election I could vote in. 2016 will be my last year voting Republican. I am now a registered member of the American Solidarity Party (ASP), as well as a delegate in their convention that formulated the current platform, and in upcoming elections I will vote accordingly as the party is able to get candidates on the ballot. As a Catholic Christian I believe it is my obligation to do this. I can no longer settle for a coalition party (like the Republican Party) that only supports half of what I believe in, and even then, mostly just in lip service. America now has a truly Christian political party, and that's the one I'm going to be working with in all future elections, and in between.

I hope other Christians will join me in this.

I would have gleefully done a write-in vote for Mike Maturen, the ASP's nominee for president, had the stakes not been so high in this election cycle. I see Hillary Clinton as such a great evil to be opposed in this election that I am willing to vote for somebody I don't particularly like, in the hope of stopping her, or at least denying her an electoral mandate in November. I am thoroughly convinced, that barring a miracle, Hillary Clinton will win the Whitehouse. I am currently giving her an 80% chance of success. That doesn't mean that Trump can't win. He still has 20%, but the odds are stacked against him.

I can't help but seeing some similarities between this election, and the German election of 1932. That was the last election Germans had before the Nazis removed all hope of a free and fair process. During that election, the ballot was split between eight major political parties. Of which, six got over 1 million votes. If just three of those six had allied behind one candidate, they could have stopped Adolph Hitler from ever becoming the Chancellor of Germany, and possibly prevented World War II, the Holocaust, and the disruption of hundreds of millions of lives around the world. That however, didn't happen. The 1932 German election serves as an object lesson of what happens when voters are unwilling to soil their hands a little and vote for somebody they don't like, all for the sake of stopping somebody who is infinitely worse. I am a student of history. I learn from history, so I don't repeat it. Sadly, however, that means I am doomed to helplessly watch as others repeat it.

Now I am not calling Hillary Clinton a Hitler. She is not. I don't think she wants to kill practising Jews, Catholics or even Evangelicals for that matter. Actually, I think she is rather indifferent toward them. However, at the same time, I also believe that once she is president, she will enact policies that hurt these groups, and she won't care. While I don't think she's going to be "hunting" anyone down, I also believe that any cries of religious discrimination will fall on deaf ears with that woman. Frankly, she just won't give a damn. She'll enact the largest abortion-supporting policy in this country's history and she'll make practising Catholics, Evangelicals and Jews pay for it. When we complain about that, she'll just laugh. No, I mean it, she will literally laugh, as in "ha ha" for the cameras. She will mandate that churches and synagogues hire homosexuals and transgenders for their staff, and when we complain about it, she will ignore us, stacking the courts to back her decision. She will enact tough anti-homeschooling laws, and when we complain about it, she'll say its just for the sake of the children. I tell you, practising Catholics, Evangelicals and Jews will have no recourse with this woman, and no way to have their grievances addressed.

On the subject of war, however, I'm not so sure. She and Hitler may have a lot in common. Just like Hitler wanted a pan-European hegemony, Clinton will seek to back America's geopolitical hegemony in places we have no business. I see confrontation with Russia as an inevitability. I see further support of ISIS by means of covert money being sent to ISIS-related military groups in Syria. So when it comes to war, I really don't know what to expect with a Hillary Clinton presidency, but I sense something very negative and ominous on the horizon.

So there you go. These are my reasons for supporting Donald J. Trump in this election cycle. I wish I could say it's for positive reasons concerning Donald J. Trump, but it's not. For me its very simple. He's not her. Therefore he gets my vote.

After that, it's goodbye to the GOP, regardless of the election results. They have failed me. They have failed every single one of us. Every Catholic, and every Evangelical, and every practising Jew, who has ever voted Republican in the hope of stopping abortion, same-sex "marriage," and curbing the decline of America's moral decay, has been let down. It's time we realise the Republican Party used us. They gladly accepted our votes, failed to act upon our wishes, and then told us we had to buy into their Libertarian economics of big business and low wages. They espoused Christian values on moral issues, but attacked them on economic issues. Between the GOP and the Democrats, the American middle-class has been gutted, and with that so as the traditional American family. So in 2016 I'll vote for the last Republican in my life -- Donald J. Trump -- and in 2018 I will vote Solidarity. The same goes for 2020, 2022, 2024 and so on.

Sorry Republicans! You took my vote for granted. Now this is what you get.



Shane Schaetzel is an author of Catholic books, and columnist for Christian print magazines and online publications. He is a freelance writer and the creator of 'FullyChristian.Com -- The random musings of a Catholic in the Ozarks.'

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Pair O' Dimes said...

You have to follow your conscience, but your decision to vote for Donald Trump, especially since it's for negative reasons and since you say you're leaving the Republican Party now, apparently for good, doesn't make any sense to me--not only morally but even logically.

I read in the Rhinoceros Times that the only way to send a message to either Trump or Hillary is not voting for either of them--I think it specifically said voting for a third-party or independent candidate, and having enough people vote that way, even though I'm not planning to do that either, not unless I find someone I can look myself in the mirror after having voted and not feel like I need to go to confession because I voted for that person. But irrespective of his politics I don't feel like I can vote for someone who, if he didn't exist, the Democrats would have had to invent him--to paint all good moral positions as being believed in by people with his notorious personality.

I don't accuse you of anything, since you say you're trying to avoid repeating history, but I hesitate to do the same thing you're doing. I don't want to fall victim to scaremongering and ego-flattering that I believe is straight from the Devil himself: 1) "If you don't vote for this candidate, this other candidate will win and will ruin America and the world and it will be your fault for not voting for this other candidate--it'll be the same as if you voted for this bad candidate who'll ruin everything"; 2) "You alone have the power to stop this bad candidate--by voting for this other candidate instead, which is the only way it's possible".

Plus, since I found out that the GOP was in power in both Houses of Congress (and the White House) from 2003-2007 and did nothing to, just for one example, overturn Roe v. Wade, I don't know how trustworthy they are even to follow their own party platform on the fundamental moral issues that matter the most (even though they've kept them when they revised the platform this year).

Also, what's "Libertarian" about big business? Isn't that the opposite of libertarian?

Anyway, you must follow your own moral conscience, as I myself don't know what the best course of action is, only what makes sense to me. God be with you in your decision.

lisanicholasphd said...

Since you do not appear to live in a swing state, why not vote your conscience? Texas, where I live, is almost certainly going to have a clear majority of votes for Trump, so I have no qualms about voting for the American Solidarity Party's presidential and vice presidential candidates. And since I am an elector for the party, I would hate to have any reason to chicken out and vote for Trump. This will be the first presidential election where I will ever feel that I am voting *for* something, rather than *against* the greater evil. Boy, am I looking forward to it!