Saving Europe -- and the World

Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris, France.
Photograph by Adrian Pingstone in July 2001, Public Domain

In the wake of the horrible terrorist attack on Paris last week, we are just now beginning to see the repercussions. France has bombed ISIS targets in Syria. Nationalist protests are breaking out across Europe. Border fences are being erected in some countries. The European Union is gradually becoming defunct as nation-states move to protect their people from both the liberal immigration policies of Germany and the E.U., as well as the austerity policies of the same that are breaking the backs of small debt-laden countries like Greece. What we are witnessing is the slow death of the European Union and a return to nationalism in Europe. This is necessary, because the foundation the E.U. is built on is flawed, but it will be a painful transition to be sure. The recent terrorist attack on Paris has only accelerated this process.

Air strikes and military intervention against Islamic terrorism is only a temporary solution. It is a necessary step, but only a short-term fix. Deporting Muslim fundamentalists, and limiting Muslim immigrants slows the growth of the problem, but it is just another short-term fix. Neither address the heart of the problem. The heart of the problem is Europe, and to a lesser extent America too. Europe is essentially dead already. Oh sure, the continent still exists. It didn't fall into the sea or something ridiculous like that. The countries of Europe still exist. They didn't amalgamate into some kind of pan-European super-state. Granted, they tried with the E.U., but that is turning out to be a miserable failure. Nor did European people disappear off the face of the earth. You still have native Europeans -- sort of. No, the problem isn't these things. The problem is that Europeans have forgotten how to be Europeans! They literally do not know what Europe is any more, and because they've forgotten that, they don't know how to be Europeans. They are a people lost, without an identity, which is why for almost a century now, they have turned to fleeting ideologies like; racism, fascism, liberalism, relativism and multiculturalism. They swing from one end of the pendulum to the other, desperately trying to figure out who they are, and how to survive as a people, with no hope at finding an answer. If you think America is immune from this, think again. We are a good 10 to 20 years behind Europe in their social decline, but we are steadily on the same path.

Now this loss of identity has created a much bigger problem, that has played out as follows...

  1. Widespread acceptance of practices that would otherwise be morally reprehensible are now widely accepted, and even promoted, throughout Europe. These include; artificial contraception, abortion, euthanasia, same-sex 'marriage', prostitution, fornication, sexual promiscuity, etc. 
  2. 40+ years of abortion and artificial contraception have created a demographic bomb (baby bust) in Europe and America. 
  3. This demographic bomb (or baby bust) is a direct threat to the economies of the West as well as the social programs of the West. 
  4. To prevent endless economic recession and shore up the social safety nets, Western governments have implemented generous immigration policies to make up for the demographic bomb (baby bust). 
  5. In America the majority of those immigrants (both legal and illegal) are Catholic Latinos - thank God!
  6. In Europe the majority of those immigrants are African and Asian Muslims. This cannot end well. 

Some Muslims come to the West to admire our culture, wealth, education, opportunity and benefits. Some Muslims are here for that purpose. I know some, and they're very good people. They're Muslims, but they admire Western culture for what it is, and they have no desire to change it. They come here strictly for education, work, and to find a better way of life. These are people we can work with and they deserve our respect and hospitality. I'm not talking about them. I respect them, and you should too.

Rather, I'm talking instead about another group of Muslims, not the ones that came to admire us, but those who came to change us. They are here for one purpose only -- missionary activity. These Muslims, are here to colonise our cities, and convert our youth. Islamic terrorism is a very small, albeit very loud, manifestation of this much bigger problem -- Islamic fundamentalism. The problem primarily exists in Europe. You can find Islamic Fundamentalists in America too, but in much smaller numbers. Europe has absorbed the bulk of this population, and they in turn have made colonies inside Europe's major cities: Paris, London, Berlin and even Rome. Paris is probably the worst example of this. Already there are neighbourhoods in Paris that are 'no-go zones' for police, who try to stay out of there, and these are essentially run as mini-caliphates under Sharia Law. These Muslims did not come to France to learn how to be French. They came to change France into a Muslim nation. They have no interest in integrating. They have no interest in assimilating. They have no interest in changing whatsoever. They instead wish to change France to accommodate them. It can be said that immigration was never their intention. What they intended instead was colonisation.

This problem is compounded in France because of what I said about Europeans. Europeans have forgotten how to be Europeans, and this is especially true of the French. The French have forgotten how to be French. Their collective amnesia may possibly be the worst in all of Europe.

Now let's consider youth in Europe, particularly in France, but certainly not limited to there. We could say the same about any European country right now. We have an entire generation of young people who have no clue as to what it means to be Europeans. Their idea of being European means going to parties, discos, concerts and restaurants. The height of their entire cultural experience is pop music, which of course is really international in scope and is not in any way specific to Europe, let alone any particular European country. Interiorly, they have no European enculturation. They have not been formed as Europeans. Oh sure, they love waving the flags of their respective countries, and thank God for that! They at least have some national pride -- a fleeting vestige of the old world. Good for them! At least that's a starting point. It can't end there. Sadly all too often, it does. What happens when these young people get depressed, or find themselves in the midst of one economic recession after another? What happens when these young people can't find a job? What happens when they lose hope in the future? I'll tell you what happens. They do what all human beings do in these situations. They either turn to substance abuse, more decadence, or religion. We would hope they choose religion, because that will address the problem by building real life skills. However, what kind of religion will youth turn to? I'll tell you. Most youth will only turn to a religion that is alive, vibrant, and sure of itself. Contrary to popular opinion, this doesn't mean turning a church into a disco. If youth want a disco, they will go to a disco not a church. When youth seek religious formation, they are looking for something that is ancient, answers questions, seems to be alive, vibrant and sure of itself. One simply doesn't find this so much in European Christianity any more. One does however find it in European Islam. Already, European youth are converting to Islam in record numbers, and among those converts, it is inevitable that some will become Islamic fundamentalists. Of those a few will become home-grown terrorists. In time, within a generation or less, deportation of Islamic fundamentalists will no longer be possible, because they will be citizens of European countries and native Europeans. Islamic terrorism will soon become native to Europe in the same way it is native to the Middle East.

The good news is this. The way to permanently solve the problem of fundamental Islam in the West is simple, easy, and anyone can do it. The trick is, you just need enough people doing it.

This is how it's done. The first thing you need to do is learn what Europe is, and in order to know that, you have to understand what Europe was built on. Europe was built on Christianity, specifically, Medieval Christianity, which contrary to popular myth, was highly spiritual, moral and deeply philosophical. This was a period of Christianity before all the divisions. It was a time before the Reformation and the wars that followed. It was a time when Europe was young, vibrant, energetic, and looked to the Christian faith for answers. So Medieval Christianity became the mother of modern science and the search for scientific explanation. It also became the mother of classical art and architecture. It was a time before all the doubt and cynicism of the modern world. This is what founded Europe. Europe is Medieval Christianity and Medieval Christianity is Europe. The two are synonymous with each other. This period of medieval growth and vitality was stopped cold with the Reformation, of which, men on both sides were to blame. The wars that followed brought about centuries of doubt and scepticism, culminating in the 20th century, and has brought Europe to where it is today. Now here we are at the cusp of losing Europe forever, and there is only one way to save it.

The first thing we must do is understand that the breakup of European Christianity is five-hundred years old! To perpetuate ongoing schism in Christianity is to live in the grudges of the past. The solution is to look back in history beyond the breakup of Christianity. We need to look at the undivided Christianity that existed beforehand, the Medieval Christianity that built Europe in the first place, the Medieval Christianity that caused Europe to rise from the ashes of the Roman Empire. THAT is the Christianity that Europeans must look toward today -- before it's too late. We Americans must do the same, or we too will follow down the same path Europe took toward self-destruction.

All you need to do is fall in love with the Medieval Christian Faith, and spread that love in an infectious way. By this I mean the way Christianity was about 1,000 years ago. Look it up. Read about it. Educate yourself! It is time for a rebirth of Medieval Christianity, and by that I mean the REAL Christianity of the Middle Ages, not the phoney unreal caricature of it we see on television and the movies. Unlike that caricature, it was a highly spiritual, moral and philosophical faith, and it was this form of Christianity that took on fundamentalist Islam and won! This is the secret weapon Europe has in its basement, and it's time for Europeans to dust it off and start applying it in their own lives again. What better place to start than in France? She has one of the richest traditions in Medieval Christianity, and amazingly she has preserved a great deal of it, in spite of significant strides in modernity. It's time for the French to get back to what has worked for them in the past.

You see, youth will be attracted to a Christian faith that is active, vibrant, and sure of itself. They will be especially intrigued by its connection to the ancient past, and in particular their ancestral roots. They are looking for beauty, mystery, awe and reverence. This can be found in Medieval Christianity. The stronger, and more sure of itself this Christianity is, the more young people will flock to it. The more young people flock to it, the less will flock to Islam. Eventually, the trend of Islamic growth can be reversed in Europe entirely. Yes, this is doable. Yes, this can happen. Yes, you will need to be a part of it if you want it to happen. What we're talking about here is nothing more than a social trend. It's as simple as that. You don't need any government programs. You don't need any military forces. You don't need anything really. All you need is yourself, and a desire to learn and change. That's it. As more people change, society will bend to accommodate them, especially in Europe, because Europe was built on this. Medieval Christianity is Europe's natural state of being, and Europe inwardly longs to return to it. This is especially true in France. The same holds true for the Americas too, both North and South America, because they too were built on the European model.

You see, you have to ask yourself; is our current civilisation worth dying for? Most people will say 'no' and will opt to save their own lives rather than fight, kill and die to preserve McDonalds, Wal-Mart and Discos. This modern and materialist 'culture' is not something people get too terribly excited about, and certainly will not fight, kill and die for. You have to understand, culture is built on cult (religion), and the West has abandon its native religion -- Medieval Christianity. Therefore we have no culture to speak of.

Fundamentalist Muslims don't just hate us. They pity us, and because they pity us, they see a grand opportunity. They want to conquer and subjugate us, for what they believe is our own good. Some of them, a small minority, will kill us for what they believe to be the greater good. That greater good, in their opinion, is our subjugation to Islam.

We are pitiful to fundamentalist Muslims because they know we are weak inside. We may have military strength and money, but we have nothing else beyond that. Therefore their strategy is not what it seems. These terrorist attacks are just a distraction. Their real objective is to get us to break ourselves economically trying to fight them in an ideological war we cannot win with mere military tools. By doing that, they will throw our economies deeper into recession, causing more joblessness, and that in turn will send more of our youth into hopelessness and depression, knowing that a large percentage of them will turn to Islam as a result. It's already happening in Europe, and it will soon happen in America too. This clash of civilisations is so much more complex than what our media is telling us. Terrorism is just the flash in the pan. It's what captures our attention, but the real threat is what's going on beneath that. Secularism is a spiritual vacuum, and vacuums are made to be filled. Islam will be more than happy to accommodate so long as Europeans continue in their amnesia about Medieval Christianity and deny who they really are.


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Cecilia Medo said…
Very interesting! so, you really believe there is hope, I ownder if EUropeans will dare to research their medieval past, they seem to be so asamed of that... I really hope you are right, and together with my congratulations, send you blessings, great blog!