Gender Theory -- The New Nazism

Hitler Youth in Berlin-Grunewald in June of 1933
German Federal Archives

It's an old article, and one the mainstream media basically ignored, but it's worth pointing out here...
(CNS) -- Elaborating on comments he made in Manila Jan. 16 about "ideological colonization that tries to destroy the family," the pope offered a 20-year-old example of an unnamed government official, apparently in his native Argentina, who was offered a loan to build schools for poor children on the condition she assign students a textbook on "gender theory." 
Catholic leaders often use the term "gender theory" to refer to ideas that question or deny the God-given nature of sex differences and the complementarity of man and woman as the basis of the family.  
Pope Francis said African bishops attending the October 2014 Synod on the Family had complained of similar restrictions on funding for projects in their countries, 
"Why do I say ideological colonization? Because they use a people's need as an opportunity to come in and impose their will on children. But this is nothing new. The dictatorships of the last century did the same thing; they came in with their doctrine. Think of the Balilla. Think of the Hitler Youth," the pope said. 
The Balilla was a youth organization instituted by Italy's fascist dictator, Benito Mussolini. 
Here is what the pope is talking about. Gender theory is the liberal ideology that a person's gender can be fluid, influenced and in some cases, even chosen. Rather than a matter of biological fact of nature, gender is subject to a person's mental constructs. In other words, men can decide to be women, and women can decide to be men. Sexuality crosses over into this as well, wherein men and women can choose to behave as members of the opposite sex (homosexuality). Both Pope Benedict XVI and now Pope Francis have strongly condemned this ideology, and Pope Francis in particular has done so in very strong language.  In the same interview on January 19, Pope Francis continued...
(Christian Post) -- 'For example, I wonder if so-called gender theory may not also be an expression of frustration and resignation that aims to erase sexual differentiation because it no longer knows how to come to terms with it.' 
The idea of gender theory was introduced in the 1980s, and since then it has grown into a social and political agenda. Today, in Western nations (such as the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia, etc.) people who do not acknowledge gender theory as 'fact' are considered bigots, and are treated as such in the mainstream media. Laws, in the form of city ordinances and court decisions, are putting those who refuse to accept gender theory in financial and legal jeopardy. People are losing their businesses over this, and some are even losing their jobs. There appears to be no end in sight. Many public schools in Europe and North America are now indoctrinating children in gender theory. Meanwhile, in third-world nations across the seas, Christian countries are being told by the United States, and some other Western governments, that they will not receive any foreign aid if they do not sign on to the gender theory agenda. Some Christian countries in Africa, in a life or death struggle with Islamic militants, are now being told the United States will abandon them if they do not modify their laws to accept homosexuality and other gender theory ideas. The Western world, led by the United States, is now the chief promoter of gender theory around the world, and this is primarily what the pope is talking about when he speaks of 'ideological colonisation' comparing it to the Nazi Hitler Youth program of the last century.

It is becoming increasingly difficult for liberals and mainstream media elite to use Pope Francis as a tool. His positions on key social issues are coming down as increasingly orthodox, and his manner of expressing them is far more militant than previous popes. Early in his pontificate the mainstream media frequently quoted him out of context, and liberal pundits capitalised on this to drive home their own agenda. The 'who am I to judge' comment was probably the most profound example of this. I explored this comment in detail in a previous essay, and pointed out that when put into the full context of what he actually said, the pope is not only orthodox, but extremely Catholic! The liberal media simply didn't pick up on this, or else they didn't want to, and so a false narrative about Pope Francis was created. However, in recent months, it has become increasingly difficult for liberal pundits and the mainstream media to maintain this false narrative. Turning against the pope at this point would be a losing proposition to them, and they know it, so instead they have chosen to simply give Pope Francis the silent treatment. By that I mean, when he says something traditional and orthodox, they are silent. They don't report on it. The only media that carries the story is Catholic media. Everyone else ignores it. Such was the case with the 'ideological colonisation' comment on gender theory above. If you haven't been reading and listening to Catholic media, you've probably never heard about it.

What you likely have heard about is the pro-homosexual agenda of the German cardinals (Kasper and Marx in particular) which is going to be pushed at the upcoming Synod on the Family in October. By the way the media reports on this, it would seem as if a massive change in Catholic teaching on homosexuality is under way. The mainstream media would do well to be reminded, however, that Cardinal Kasper is not the pope, and neither is Cardinal Marx. The German bishops' conference is not the Vatican either.

Make no mistake about it, the liberal, mainstream 'Council of the Media' is hard at work. Their job is to spread confusion and convince people that the pope and the Catholic Church now support gender theory and the homosexual agenda. I'm telling you it's all false. It's propaganda! Yes, it would appear that some bishops (particularly those in Germany) back this ideology, but that is a minority of Catholic bishops worldwide. The German bishops risk formal schism with Rome over the actions they've taken, and the actions they've promised to take in the future. The mainstream media and liberal pundits are clearly on their side. It would do us all well to remember this in the months ahead.


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