The Great Catholic Boycott

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This isn't the first time something like this has been called for, and it certainly won't be the last. It is however, the first time it's been called for on such a large scale, by a media outlet with such a broad reach. I suspect it will have a significant long-term effect.

As much as many in the U.S. Catholic establishment would like Michael Voris to just "fade away," that is not going to happen. He's raised a small army at ChurchMilitant.TV with many subordinates who could take over his position if necessary, or who could go off and start their own Internet media outfit if they had to. Likewise, he has managed to rally scores of bloggers on the Internet, bringing them to a singular focus. What this man has done is impressive, but it is no longer limited to him alone. Michael Voris is just the tip of a very big iceberg. There is only one way to avoid running aground on this thing, and that is for the bishops and priests of the U.S. Catholic Church to steer away from it. Trying to knock the tip off the iceberg (as some have tried to do by attacking Voris) is not going to solve the problem. Even if successful, the iceberg still remains. The best way to avoid hitting the iceberg is to simply be nowhere near it. That means there is only one way out -- fix the problem!

The problem has been avoided for far too long. Mother Angelica, of EWTN, fired the warning shot across the bow 20 years ago (see here). For this she was disciplined. Yes, the tip of the iceberg was cut off, but the ship still ran aground on it. About 10 years later it was hit with the worst sex-abuse scandal in the history of Christianity. The ramifications of this are still being played out, and the money lost by the Church is incalculable, both in lawsuit payouts and lost donations. Well, here we are 10 years later again, and guess what? Very little has changed, and the ship is about to hit the iceberg again. The proverbial "bell" has been "rung" and nobody can "unring" it.  The call has been put out with this video, and unlike mainstream television, this isn't just a one time running. This video will be played over and over again, on computers, tablets and smart phones -- indefinitely. It's not going away. It's never going away. Who would have thought that we would finally reach the point, when a Catholic media persona could actually, and legitimately, make the claim that being a faithful Catholic means NOT giving donations to your parish and diocese? Well, it's happened, and his call is resonating.

I am fortunate. The "diocese" I am part of doesn't have these problems. It is traditional, and does not compromise on Catholic teaching. I will continue to give to my "diocese" and to the parish we are attempting to start here in my area.  Some of you, however, are not in the same position. It is important for a Catholic Christian to give, especially during this Advent and Christmas seasons. So if you decide not to give to your parish or diocese, because of the appeal given by Voris in the video above, then might I suggest a few alternatives...

  • You could find a conservative and traditional parish or group to give to instead. It could simply be a traditional Novus Ordo parish, or a traditional Anglican Use parish. It could be a local Latin Mass parish or community, preferably one within your diocese or a regularised fraternity such as the FSSP. (I strongly discourage giving any money to the SSPX or similar unregularised outfits.)
  • You could give directly to a regularised traditional fraternity, prelature or ordinariate. Some suggestions might be such organisations as: Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter, Institute of Christ the King, Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of Saint Peter, Una Voce, and Opus Dei. In all of these fully Catholic organisations, you can rest assured that your donations will be put to use in the most traditional way, building a more traditional future for the Catholic Church here in North America.
  • You could simply find local charities, that are consistent with Catholic social teaching, and give directly to them instead. I would recommend crisis pregnancy centres as one example, local soup kitchens, and homeless shelters as another.

Whatever you do, don't stop giving. Rather, if you decide to follow Voris' call for a financial boycott on Catholic parishes and dioceses that no longer adhere to the Catholic faith, then just redirect your funds to those that do.

As I said, the proverbial "bell" has been "rung" and nobody can "unring" it now. The only people who can stop this boycott are the Catholic bishops and priests themselves, by getting back to the traditional basics and start teaching Catholicism again. If not, well, I imagine it will only be a matter of time before they start feeling the pinch. Remember, this video isn't going away. It will be played over and over again -- indefinitely. There is certainly nothing I can do to stop it, and sharing it here on my little blog (which only has a small following) isn't going to make any difference one way or another. I'm sure more videos like it will soon follow. Watch the big Catholic blogs and you'll see, they'll be jumping on this bandwagon soon enough.