New Book Becomes Evangelistic Tool

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Reports are starting to come in now about my new book "Catholicism for Protestants," and this is from both Catholic and Protestant readers alike. What I am learning is that the book is being used as a evangelistic tool, as follow up for conversations with Protestants.  I am learning that some Protestants are reading through it very quickly, usually within a day or two, and one in particular read through it in just one hour! The information contained in this short book is explosive to those who are seeking answers. I have recently seen orders for as many as 50 books at one time! So it's definitely making the rounds.

WARNING, SHAMELESS PROMOTION COMING... This is how I have used apologetic materials in the past with some success. Suppose you have a Protestant friend who has a lot of misconceptions about Catholicism. You've corrected those misconceptions from time to time, but now you have a copy of my book in hand.  This is for your friend that you loan to him/her, asking him/her to look it over and get back to you later with his/her thoughts.  (Loaning works better than giving sometimes, because it prompts a person to actually read it quickly so he/she can get it back to you.)  This is probably the best method of reaching people with this material. It's showing signs of breaking down barriers and opening Protestants up to asking more questions with sincere curiosity.  Give it a try.