My online bookstore is up and running.  You can view it at  The purpose of this bookstore is to give you a one-stop resource for buying my books.  (Yes, I plan to write more.)  Now on this online bookstore, I will provide links to where you can buy my books directly from the publisher,, Barnes & Nobel, etc. (when available).  However, as some of my regular readers already know, I am a Distributist, which means I believe in small family-run business, and/or employee-owned business.  This is why I have included a Google map to every small retail bookstore that chooses to carry my book.  If you want to see a small bookstore near you carry my book, have the store manager contact me directly at: Shane@CatholicInTheOzarks.Com

Likewise, if you would like your parish and/or diocese to provide any of my books, have the appropriate parish or diocesan coordinator contact me using the same eMail address above.

Please pass this link around to your friends, family and most especially to any small retail bookstores you would like to see carry my books.  OzarkCatholicBooks.Com