No Strike In Syria

Every Christian in Syria is united with the Assad regime against an American strike on Syria.  The pope is against an American strike on Syria.  Now the U.S. Catholic bishops have come out with a call to join the pope in prayer for peace in Syria.  Every Catholic in America should be against an American strike on Syria. The message coming from the hierarchy of the Catholic Church is crystal clear. There is no excuse to be complacent on this.

The situation in the Middle East can seem complicated, but it's really not nearly as difficult to understand as you may think.  During the G.W. Bush administration, the United States government took the position that promoting democracy in the Middle East would enhance global security in the long run.  There are those who say what Bush was really after was securing the interests of big oil.  Nobody can reasonably deny these claims, as creating democracies in the Middle East should open the Middle East up to more big oil interests, or so the conventional wisdom goes. So in 2006, the Bush administration authorised the coordination and support of rebel groups throughout the Middle East to overthrow Middle Eastern dictators.  By December of 2010 all the pieces were in place, and the so-called "Arab Spring" went into motion under the watchful eye of President Barack Obama.  The Obama administration, supported the Bush-sponsored initiative, and called for Middle Eastern dictators to leave power immediately.  When they did not, and it looked like the rebels might be defeated, Obama responded with military air strikes against the government and the supply of weapons and training to rebel forces.  Nowhere was this more evident than in Libya.  Now attention has turned to Syria.  The United States government has been actively supporting rebels in Syria against the Assad regime for some time now.  The only problem is, like the rebels in Egypt who were allied with the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, so the rebels in Syria are actually allied with the terrorist organisation Al Qaeda!  You remember them right?  You know, the ones that took down the World Trade Center and Pentagon in 2001?  Yes, we are actually on the same side in this war, as America supplies money, training and ammunition to Al Qaeda operatives among the Syrian rebels.  As the Assad regime continues to gain the upper hand in Syria, Obama keeps supplying more support to the Al Qaeda rebels, even going to far as to approach Congress for direct aid.

Now something has happened.  The war in Syria has escalated to the use of chemical weapons.  We don't know who launched the chemical weapons attack that killed some 1,400 people, many of whom were women and children.  The Whitehouse claims it has "irrefutable proof" that Assad authorised the attack, but cannot say with 100% certainty. However, Russian intelligence strongly denies this and has suggested it was American-backed Al Qaeda rebels who launched the attack.  Eye-witnesses on the ground in Syria corroborate Russian claims, insisting that it was the rebels who launched the attack.  The United Nations wants to investigate, and the Assad regime has called for them to do so immediately. The American-backed Al Qaeda rebels have been relatively quiet throughout this whole thing, however, back in June of this year, American-backed Syrian rebels were captured in Turkey with a cylinder full of sarin nerve gas (source).  It's the exact same kind of nerve gas that was used in the most recent August 21st attack that Obama is now so upset about.  New information surfacing indicates the attack may have actually been an accident caused by American-backed Al Qeada rebels who mishandled the Saudi-supplied chemical warheads.  This is what we know, and as far as things stand as of the date of this writing, this is all we know.  So far, as of today, the Whitehouse has refused to make public it's "irrefutable proof" that Assad did it.

Now the United States has positioned warships off the coast of Lebanon preparing for an all-out air assault on Syria.  Obama's reason is that a "red line" has been crossed, and he plans to "punish" the Assad regime for using chemical weapons.  (Again, this is still an unproven claim as far as the general public is concerned.) But let's play devil's advocate for a moment.  Let's assume Assad did do it?  Does that justify America entering the war and providing air cover for Al Qaeda against Assad?  Since when does the United States military help terrorists?  Especially those terrorists that took down the Pentagon and World Trade Center? Finally, there is plenty of evidence that Al Qaeda rebels were already using chemical weapons against Assad's forces.  If he did authorise the use of chemical weapons in kind, is that not just a retaliation? -- tit for tat?  "You gas us, we gas you."  That sort of thing?  Does that really justify American intervention into the war to help the people who started the gassing in the first place?

Of course, if that was all this was about, it would be bad enough.  Unfortunately it's not.  Iran has made it very clear that any American strike against their ally Assad in Syria will result in retaliation against Israel.  Iran has stated it will send in reinforcements to help the Assad regime in Syria in the event of an American attack, and simultaneously rain down a thousand missiles on Israel, presumably from Hezbollah in Lebanon.  I think it's safe to assume Israel won't take that lying down.  So by entering the conflict, America will drag Iran and Israel into the fight.  Once the whole thing has blown up into a regional war between America, Syria, Iran and Israel, you can bet the Russians will want to move in and secure their own oil interests in the region. Where it goes from there -- who knows?  We're sailing into uncharted waters.  Maybe it will be World War III.  Hopefully, after everybody is in the heat of battle, cooler heads will prevail.  Maybe?  We can only hope I guess.

Finally, there is one group of people who stand to lose the most from this, and that is Syria's minority Christian population.  Currently, they are protected by Assad.  American-backed Al Qaeda rebels have already demonstrated their willingness to slaughter Christians whenever the opportunity presents itself.  If they gain control of Syria, as Obama desires, then we can expect a similar situation to ensue in Syria as we've recently seen in Egypt, wherein the Muslim Brotherhood has been killing Christians and torching churches all over the place.  If the Assad regime falls, Christians will die, a whole lot of Christians, and Obama really doesn't seem to care about that.  It is clear, for any rationally thinking person, that the best thing for America to do is STAY OUT OF IT!  Don't strike Syria over this, and stop supporting Al Qaeda rebels in Syria too. That's what we need to tell our representatives in Congress, and I encourage all of my American readers to write to their congressional representatives and tell them "No strike in Syria."  If you don't know how to contact your congressional representatives, here's the link.  Now, you're totally without excuse.  So get to it.


William Bedford said…
I agree Shane, we have no reason to get involved. I don't think most Americans are aware that the Christian population of Syria is around 10%. So are we going to bomb them also ? They are suffering enough as we speak,in Egypt, at the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood.

As far as our Government, let us not forget the Tonkin Gulf incident, that we now know never even happened, which got us into Viet Nam, and that whole quagmire.
Dreamer said…
Thanks for informative post, I've contacted all 3 of my congressional members.