Book Release -- Catholicism For Protestants

Coronation of the Virgin
circa 1646 by Diego Velázquez
It is with great pleasure that on this day, which is the Feast of the Queenship of Mary, I announce to you the publication of "Catholicism for Protestants" -- a book of common Questions and Answers about the Catholic Christian faith.

The book is based on the article by the same name, which has been revised, improved and copiously annotated with footnotes and Scripture references.  Written in a simple Question and Answer format, like the old Baltimore Catechism, this book is designed to equip regular Catholics to explain their faith and win converts.  It is ideal both for Catholics who want to learn more about their faith, and for Protestants seeking answers to common objections to the Catholic faith.  It has been used by people in R.C.I.A. as a supplement to regular catechises.  Not only will this book help equip Catholics to answer common Protestant questions, but it will also serve as excellent follow up material to those Protestants inquiring about the Catholic Church. The book is recommended by many priests and contains a foreword by Father Christopher Phillips, an Anglican convert to Catholicism, and pastor of a large Roman Catholic parish in San Antonio Texas.


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Highly recommended by priests and catechists, "Catholicism for Protestants" is a Biblical explanation of Roman Catholic Christianity as told by Shane Schaetzel -- an Evangelical convert to the Catholic Church through Anglicanism.  The book is concise and formatted in an easy-to-read Question & Answer catechism style.  It addresses many of the common questions Protestants have about Catholicism. It is ideal for Protestants seeking more knowledge about the Catholic Church, and for Catholics seeking a quick refresher course on fundamental Catholic teaching. It's an excellent book for Catholics and Protestants alike!

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