New Apologetics Tab

If you look above, you will notice a new tab on the "Catholic In The Ozarks" blog called "Apologetics."  Click on it, and you will find a listing of previous articles categorised according to apologetic interests. A brief explanation is also included with each category. The list is ongoing, and will be regularly updated.  So be sure to bookmark it and check back often.

There are lots of wonderful Catholic apologetic resources on the Internet. I highly recommend them all. Since the beginning of this blog, almost a year ago, I have desired to do something different. Instead of straight apologetics with raw information, I wanted to personalise it. I have hoped to give Catholic apologetics a more human face, customise it for the area in which I live, and thus evangelise on a more personal level. I don't think I have yet accomplished this, but I'm not nearly done yet either. So with your prayers and support, I will continue in this endeavour.